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kidnap victim elizabeth smart's secret wedding - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-21
kidnap victim elizabeth smart\'s secret wedding  -  smart
American kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart married her Scottish boyfriend at a secret ceremony in Hawaii. The 24-year-
Old and 22-year-old Matthew Gilmore "rejoiced" after exchanging vows at a temple overlooking the Pacific Ocean on Oahu ".
She met Mr. Gilmore of Aberdeen while doing Mormon missionary work in Paris.
Chris Thomas, a spokesman for MS Smart, said only the couple's immediate family members attended a private ceremony.
He said the young couple were "jubilant" when they left the temple on their way to the reception and Lu Wu ". The newly-
Mr. Thomas said the two would go on their honeymoon after the celebration of the day.
MS Smart, now an advocate for missing children, announced her engagement last month to plan a wedding in early summer.
But as media attention grows "invasive," MS Smart decided about a week ago that the most private way to hold a wedding would be a private, irregular ceremony outside Utah.
"Elizabeth's wish is what most women want --
"Celebrate her wedding at a private wedding with family and close friends," Mr. Thomas said . ".
On June 2002, MS Smart was kidnapped by homeless street preacher Brian David Mitchell with a knife from his bedroom.
For nine months, she has been raped many times and forced to wander from town to town with the kidnappers.
She is only 14 years old.
She was released after being discovered by passers-.
2003 in the suburbs of Salt Lake City.
Mitchell was convicted on 2010 and sentenced to life imprisonment.
At Mitchell's trial, MS Smart testified that she was imprisoned as "hell for nine months ".
On December, she spoke publicly about her painful experience, describing how Mitchell dragged her from her bedroom to a camp in the woods where he was "married" and then raped her.
I asked him to let me go.
He reportedly won't listen to me, "she told a SPiN Club in Salt Lake City when she was promoted last year.
"All I can do is scream no '.
'If you scream like this again, I'll kill you, 'he said.
ABC News announced in July that it hired MS Smart as a contributor to the story of the missing person.
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