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kids test toys that will make up the christmas crop - drawing tablet for laptop

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-07
kids test toys that will make up the christmas crop  -  drawing tablet for laptop
Man climbed a wall.
A car was traveling on a track full of holes.
A penguin shakes on ice.
Daniel Taylor, 3, was tied to a utility pole with several machines, gazing at the awe-inspiring gaze --
His eyes burst.
In the room where the hospital was packed with toys for sick children, the children were busy testing them for the ParentsCanada magazine.
In a flash, small cancer patients have left, from Lego blocks to missile launchers to tablets. His favourites? A remote-
His father, Dustin, says the BlackBerry script that controls cars and apps for children.
"Dad, come on," Daniel dragged four strokes and asked his father to discover more miracles.
There may be five months left until Christmas, but retailers, manufacturers and others testing toys want to piece this puzzle together: What is the biggest impact of the holiday?
Who else is more suitable to try inventory than the child himself.
For its fall feature on the best toys, ParentsCanada will use the parent and child's reaction to the 100 toys displayed in the hospital.
After the test, the toys were donated to the hospital and each young participant chose an unopened toy to bring home.
Editor Janice Biehn believes from her observations that popular competitors may include small cars on the loopy track (
Large game set of nano speed of Spin Master)
A toy guitar shaped like a puppy with buttons and sounds on it (
B toy bass guitar)
Large 3D cardboard color-
Castle and rocket ship (
Explore the children's colors and games Castle, rocket boat).
In another test
This month, Wal-Mart Canada presented more than 100 toys to about 550 children in Mississauga.
300 parents recruited through the company's Facebook page filled out a survey on toys and child responses.
These results will help to identify the features of the large retailer as a top toy in the holiday advertising campaign.
In the past, these choices were mainly in the industry.
Cheri Anthony, director of toy sales at Walmart Canada, explained.
While Anthony is not ready to name, she does see a popular trend during the holidays: toys that interact with children in an increasingly complex way;
"Application" toys working with home smart devices;
For young children, more toys combine games with learning.
But don't make a mistake. it's not just a kid's game.
Kerry George said that in Canada, toys account for more than $1 billion a year in consumer sales, a market that has been flat for the past few years due to the global recession, and the president of the Canadian Toy Association.
For a toy company and retailer, the blockbuster of Christmas may be magical.
Manufacturers spend huge sums to market their products in a tough market.
"The trend changes very quickly and the children adapt very quickly," explains George . ".
"At the end of the day, it is consumers who vote on their purchases.
"Of course, many manufacturers will try out game products on young people before they go public. Toronto-
S. -based toy company Spin Master has a consulting group of about 5000 children in North America.
As part of the Design Exchange toy design camp held during this year's parade, the children spent half of their time
Tested some Spin Master products one day and their feedback was given to the company.
Consumers can rely on a few children
Friendly test report.
Today's Parent magazine keeps a roster of more than 50 families in GTA who try out 150 to 200 toys a year.
Participants fill out a detailed report on each toy in at least four weeks and the findings are published in the magazine toys November.
Although the study is currently in progress, deputy editor Leah rumarc can personally guarantee a project for her family's testing. Her 18-month-
The eldest son's favorite so far is VTech's alphabet activity cube, which keeps him busy with five different functions.
The Canadian Toy Testing Board is the originator of Family Research and has been evaluating new toys since 1952.
Its 300 families keep the toy for six to eight weeks to judge the durability of the toy, the continued interest of the child, and the value, safety and design of the toy.
Its annual report was released on November.
So far this year, the family of executive director Liliane Benoit has been impressed by her three-child card game Blue Orange game teen animal
Between the ages of 1/2 and 14-enjoyed.
Back to the sick child, 12-year-old Jorge fitzgerrard likes the gas pig Combat Tracker with an automatic turret.
6-year-old Alex Gan plays happily with Crayola Trace and Draw, a case and free app that turns iPad 2 into a children's arts activity center. Echo Wright-
Barton is delighted to have the opportunity to see what toys her 7-year-old daughter kalegh is attracted.
"As a parent, you will be at a loss at Christmas.
"The toys we brought home are not as interesting as they were," the mother said . ".
"This gives you both hands --on experience.
"Kaleigh underwent a liver transplant in 2005, and she was hospitalized for stomach problems and was wearing a tube through her nose to discharge her stomach secretions.
"This is the first time she has enjoyed her life in the past two weeks.
She looks happy today.
No matter where she is, "said the mother, looking around for her daughter.
The girl went back to her favorite toy: three
A pink cylindrical Barbie dream house with a blackout bed, hot tub and work elevator.
There was a big smile on her face. .
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