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labor highlights 'strong, smart' female line up in official campaign launch - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-21
labor highlights \'strong, smart\' female line up in official campaign launch  -  smart
Labor puts women at the forefront and center of its official campaign, and Bill Shore's wife, Chloe, gave a rare public speech introducing her husband to loyal believers in the party.
Chloe shortened the strongest actress who joined the opposition, the Forest Forum and Cai Jianya Plibersek, talking about the shortening, highlighting "unconditional respect for women's equality ".
"Let me talk about the people I love --
He is an amazing father, a wonderful dancer, and a very proud owner of the Bulldog. MS told about 500 supporters.
While Bill Biscott Morrison is more popular in the polls, Labor strategists think his wife Chloe is popular among voters.
Her speech came after a promotional video that showed a group of former bench players talking about Bill, his respect for women and the strengths of the team.
"He attaches great importance to strong women and he attaches great importance to smart women," Senator Huang said in the video . ".
At an official conference in Brisbane, former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd gathered together. by-side.
Paul Keating was also present, but Bob Hawk was unable to attend due to poor health.
"Bob, we love you and we will do it for you in the next 13 days," Mr Shore told the crowd.
The Labor leader used his speech to announce a new tax cut for small businesses, while also addressing worried parents in hospital emergency rooms. In his 40-
Xiao Teng, who gave a minute speech to party loyalists in Brisbane on Sunday, highlighted the party's commitment to health, tax policy and climate change action.
"We will challenge pseudoscience and the Scarecrow.
"If we were lucky enough to be Australia's next government, I wouldn't take the coal to Parliament to laugh when the temperature soared;
The angry jungle fire;
Floods and droughts hit our land, "Mr. Shore said, referring to Scott Morrison's stunt.
He outlined what he called the "new employment tax cut," which would allow businesses with a turnover of up to $10 million to hire an unemployed person, with an additional 30 deductions for their employees.
Mr. Shorten also made the finishing touches for Labor's health policy suite, promising to provide $0. 5 billion for emergency department upgrades and equip them with more doctors and nurses.
"Anyone who sends a child to a hospital in the middle of the night knows that Australia has some of the best caregivers in the world.
"But years of free cuts, failing to deliver on their promises, have forced public hospitals to do more and less, and they have paid the price.
"He also promised that Labor would spend nearly $0. 2 billion to fill the gap in youth mental health services and help those who need more care than regular doctors but do not need to be hospitalized.
This will set up four new top-air Plus centers in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and tazhou, allowing young people with moderate to complex mental illness --
Get health services from GPs, mental health nurses, psychiatrists and addiction specialists.
The party sees health as one of its key strengths, and he announced new plans in the first week of the campaign.
Over the past three weeks, Labor has repeatedly stressed that it will fill the tax loopholes of high-income earners and multinational corporations and use the money to provide better services to everyone, especially hospitals and schools.
The government countered by pointing out Rudd's record --
Government of Gillard
Covering the period of the global financial crisis
And the legacy of the deficit.
But the opposition released a report on Sunday from the McKell Institute, which found plans for its permanent instant asset writing --
All businesses will add 77,000 jobs compared to the alliance's agenda, with an average wage increase of $1500. The Labor-
The joint Progress think tank concluded that because the corporate tax rate policies of both sides are the same,
In the face of parliamentary opposition, the alliance abandoned plans to further reduce large enterprises.
But Australia's investment guarantees "provide a greater incentive for new private investment"
Than the policy of the alliance ".
* Increase wages and reduce penalty rates * combat abuse of 457 visa workers * clean up Labor employment * tax cuts for companies with turnover below $10 million under 25 years of age or over 55 years of age or parents or carers.
They can ask for 30 cents to be deducted on a salary of up to five people.
* Reforms to prevent large companies from using royalties for tax avoidance * increase the number of government housing * Encourage increased industrial investment in hydrogen * for road infrastructure including Queensland M1 and Ipswich highways Brisbane and the Cross River Rail program at Bass Link 2 * in Tasmania state provides dental care for pensioners, paid by Medicare *, in the first two years of the government, the premium growth cap for private health care does not exceed two.
* Increase medical insurance rebates for cancer treatment and access to experts * try out four new youth mental health facilities for $0. 197 billion, children's helpline $6 million * upgrade of public hospitals $0. 5 billion emergency department reduced waiting time * better subsidies and cheaper childcare for every family earning less than $174,000 * improved early childhood education wages of workers * lifting restrictions on university places * increasing funding for technical and further education and pre-school education
All children aged three and four are educated.
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