large sharks caught in drumlines on sydneys northern beaches as part of nsws smart tagging program

large sharks caught in drumlines on sydney's northern beaches as part of nsw's smart tagging program - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-07-21
large sharks caught in drumlines on sydney\'s northern beaches as part of nsw\'s smart tagging program  -  smart
A 3.
The 5-meter-long tiger shark is captured, marked and released as a 90-
SMART's daily test (Shark-Management-Alert-in-Real-Time)
Drums Along the coast of New South Wales.
14 sharks, including 10 gray-white whalers, were captured in Sydney, with a total of 43 sharks on Newcastle and the south and north coasts.
Species captured by the Ministry of Primary Industry on the southern coast (DPI)
It includes six white sharks and five tiger sharks.
Intelligent Drum Point
Deadly, designed to send GPS when a shark is caught.
"This trial helps us to learn more about the shark movement and the effectiveness of this technology," said Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall . ".
Every September 1-4, there are shark nets in Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle beach. "Clearly they [the drumlines]
"We 've had success, but it's too early to say 'We will only take the nets out and replace them with these drums, '" Mr. Marshall said . ".
"We need to do more analysis before making any such decisions.
"The beauty of this technology is that it can not only prevent sharks from meeting, but also allow scientists to monitor the marked sharks and understand their behavior.
Mr. Marshall said that although the trial had been concluded elsewhere, the drums on the north coast would remain.
After the Sharks were marked, they were relocated and released about a kilometer offshore.
It is estimated that the new state shark Mark project is the largest shark Mark project in the world.
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