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learn something new every day - wacom drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-12
learn something new every day  -  wacom drawing tablet
I'm a housewife who moved to us. Seattle)
After marriage.
Sitting at home with a H4 visa, I couldn't find peace in my spare time, so I decided to get busy.
I began to focus on my painting skills.
I like painting from an early age, but with the daily activities of growing up and taking responsibility, I gave up the happiness of painting.
Until one day I received the Wacom tablet as my birthday present, which showed me a new art style --
Digital Media.
With no professional education and experience, I started to learn by myself.
Starting with Microsoft paint and the basic tablet, I started painting cartoons and quickly developed to a surreal digital painting.
Soon, painting was not enough, so I ventured into the field of volunteer service, engaged in graphic design.
The next obstacle here is to learn the same thing.
With a lot of YouTube videos and countless websites, I started making posters and brochures called "the color of wine.
Soon I started getting calls from friends and friends who needed NGO posters and brochures, so I volunteered to serve them.
In the meantime, I started posting my gallery on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
Today, Viny's colors have more than 400 fans on Facebook alone, and grow on Instagram and Twitter every day.
I was also lucky to be invited to Get red!
The magazine, and won the prize at the WA 2015 miss/Mrs/teen event in India.
I hope that one day, I can start my own business in the field of graphic design and teach young people to pursue artistic dreams.
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