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led drawing pad - drawing pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-09
led drawing pad  -  drawing pad
Hi friends, you are welcome to continue watching the buzz of creativity.
Here I made the LED drawing copy pad for all the students.
For this you need 15 led and acrylic sheets.
All you need to do is stick the acrylic sheet inside and put the LED panel inside.
According to the picture, take 15 No of led and weld these led in parallel.
First, you need to cut the extra wires of the led and then weld these 15 led with soldering iron and tin wire.
A black and red insulated wire is then welded to the negative and positive poles of the led.
Then get two shrink tubes to prevent short circuit. Then Get one 3.
The 7 Volt charging module and the second welding, the black and red wires are negative and positive, respectively.
The data cable is then connected to this charging module and the OTG pin is connected to the smartphone and then connected together.
If your connection is perfect, the lights will shine.
Take out a clear acrylic sheet in a size of 30X26 cm and remove the protective cover from the back and front.
Take a piece of cellophane and polish it on the front of the acrylic sheet.
During the polishing process, do you need to check if the polishing is better?
Take the clear glue and a white sheet of 30X26 cm and stick this foam sheet to the back of the acrylic sheet.
Get twice as much as 4X26 cm black acrylic.
Then follow the picture to stick the transparent acrylic sheet to the end of the black sheet.
Take the LED panel we made and put it in the black acrylic sheet.
The lid is then provided using the second acrylic sheet.
Your LED copy board is ready for use.
Print a drawing and a piece of plain paper.
Then turn off the lights in the room and turn on the LED lights.
You can see the drawing line of the print paper, and you can draw it exactly on plain paper.
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