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letting agents: a horror story - a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-10
letting agents: a horror story  -  a smart board
Michael Heath looks like a wealthy real estate professional: he's wearing an expensive suit, tie, and bulky silver watch, sunbathing in a glowing winter.
He had no indication that he had any financial problems.
However, we learned that several of his clients claimed that the company he worked for owed them thousands of pounds.
Heath is a leasing manager at Chandler property consultants.
As they hear the name, more and more homeowners with dashed dreams are on Pier district Street.
This is because it was owned by a "Phoenix" company that rose from the ashes of a business that had previously gone bankrupt due to a huge loss and was involved in an ongoing deception, this is almost too obvious to be true.
The rental agent signs the contract with the owner, finds the tenant and arranges the rent to be charged-
At this point, instead of passing money on, the agent holds hundreds or thousands of pounds.
When questioned, the agent delayed for a few months until the end of the business was closed and asked the homeowner to look for a lawyer.
At this point, the rental agency reopened under another name.
We have spoken to several victims of Chandler property consultants and Taylor Simpson, the business involved.
When Ken Leask, an oil engineer, moved to Singapore, he rented his Docklands apartment through the company.
He said he now owes more than £ 3,500 and has not received a penny since the tenant moved into his home in November.
"This company is incredible," he said . "
"My tenant was very reliable and paid all the fees on time, but I didn't have the money.
Chandler is just lying.
I 've been calling them almost every day for months, but they just pass you from one person to another, one excuse after another.
In all respects, it's day robbery.
But there is clearly nothing the law can do about it.
"Retired police officer David Bell and Chandler have had similar experiences and he says Chandler has spent about £ 8,000 since he moved to Thailand in last April.
Mr. Bell asked his brother Jim, who lives in Norfolk, to help him recover the money.
"It's crazy that they can get away with it," he said.
If I were to live in London, I would stand outside of them and take a sandwich board and say they are liars.
Every day there are new fools who hand over the biggest investment of their lives to these villains.
"Cindy Shields, the human resources manager who now lives in Wiltshire, rented out her Baker's house through Tyler Simpson in East Ham.
Although the couple who picked up her house soon paid the rent, the money never hit her.
When Taylor Simpson, the company that owns the business, went bankrupt in December 2000, she had already taken out about £ 3,500 from her pocket.
She has already canceled the money.
As a result, she was surprised to find that there was still Taylor Simpson who let the agent trade in East Ham.
"It's bad enough to lose money, but knowing that there's still a company there that has different ownership and may still be exploiting people makes me very angry," she said . ".
James Lipkin, 27year-
Old IT experts put two of his
A year ago, when he was traveling to Australia with his work, his bedroom apartment crossed Taylor Simpson.
He claimed that the company had already paid him 6,500. He said that they also cheated him and agreed to give the tenant two pounds.
A one-year lease allows the agent to charge 15 cents in advance for the entire contract, meaning that he is not even eligible to receive the rent within three months.
Alan, Lin's 56-year-old father, is pursuing debt through the court, but he is reluctant to lose money.
He said: "They all pretend not to know each other when you call them.
I believe their plan is to close the company when they make enough money.
I can't believe they can't be stopped.
Trading standards know them well, but nothing can be done.
"Michael Heath is still doing business.
An Evening Standard reporter posing as a potential landlord saw him.
He is just too eager to take our business, write down the income we can expect and explain how low his proportion will be.
He is a plausible businessman.
The name Chandler is from 32-year-old Philip Chandler and 59-year-old mother Stephanie.
Between them, Navid Beheshti, 39, was linked to two companies that lost more than 1 pound.
5 million, leaving homeowners in the face of thousands of losses and fear of default on mortgages and property recovery.
Beheshti is linked to other incarnations of companies that have received complaints about rent losses ,(
Although the Chandra are no longer associated with any business).
All three are good. to-
Mrs. Chandler lives in a £ 350,000 house in rural Haford County.
Philip lives in a private manor with a gate in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, and lives in a smart apartment of 300,000;
Navid behershti is in a £ 700,000 family home in Woodford Green, Essex.
We trace the twists and turns of the company they operate.
The first rental agency, named after Chandler, was established in 1996 and is owned by a limited company, Philip Chandler and Co, and traded as Chandler Property Services.
Philip is a director of Stephanie's company secretary.
When it went bankrupt about three years ago, it owed less than £ 1 million.
At this time, the name of Chandler property services was acquired by a real estate agency called Taylor Simpson Limited, which operates in an office in East Ham and is renamed Chandler property consultant.
Then, on December 2000, Taylor Simpson Limited was also liquidated and owed £ 522,500, and Chandler real estate consultants was acquired by a company called "British islands limited.
Taylor Simpson is now owned by a company called Semprini Ltd and traded from the same East Ham office as Taylor Simpson's earlier "Ltd" version.
The links between these companies are complex.
Both clearing companies use Paul Da Costa, an accountant at Grafton, as their contact address.
The same is true of Semprini Limited and UK island Limited
Two Chandra were former officials of Semprini Ltd.
The same is true of bethhilti, who was also a director of Taylor Simpson when he went bankrupt.
Is also a director of the British islandConfused?
Well, it seems you're doomed.
Johnathan Chippeck is the founder of the Landlord Action, which specifically helps those who foul with bad agents.
He explained: "There have been deliberate use of false acquisitions and voluntary liquidation to create a complex network of company names, to take money from innocent people, while ensuring that no one will ever sue.
"The trading standards of Tower Hamlets and Newham know the cases we highlighted, as well as other similar cases.
Inspector Jeremy Marsh said: "It's frustrating.
A limited company may go bankrupt and a director may be established under another name.
We can advise the victims and inform the police or the Ministry of Trade and Industry, but we can't stop them from trading soon to save more people who have been cheated.
Stephanie Chandler declined to comment, and while Philip Chandler was well aware of our inquiry, we were unable to contact him for an interview.
Navid Beheshti said his lawyer would contact us but we did not hear from them.
Michael Heath declined to comment and neither the Chandler property consultant nor the rest of Tyler Simpson would talk to us.
Stewart Collins, an accountant at Paul Da Costa, said: "The people you mentioned are our clients and we have a business relationship with them, but I can't comment on their business.
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