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lg's android breakthrough? - touch screen whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-20
lg\'s android breakthrough?  -  touch screen whiteboard
LG entered the Android market with its first smartphone, LG gw620.
While the phone was not a bad first attempt, it failed to succeed in the smartphone market.
LG then launched Optimus, an entry point
The resistor touch screen of the smartphone has received some criticism.
P500 recently launched by the company (Optimus One)
It is reported that a mobile phone in India sold 1 million units 40 days before it went public.
We get up close to the phone to see if this is really LG's redemption attempt for Android.
The P500 is a smart phone that looks very different.
With a slim rubber panel, this phone does feel stronger than most smartphones, but it doesn't give you a stylish corporate feel.
The screen is a good size at 3. 2-inches.
There are four buttons under the screen that are not the usual touch-sensitive buttons we see on most phones now, but the physical buttons.
And these buttons (
For menus, home pages, returns, and searches)
Don't be impressed with how they look, it's good to physically click on them.
The two buttons in the center are placed on a brushed aluminum surface, which reminds you of the predecessor of the phone, Optimus. The 3.
5mm headphone jack and power button on top, miniUSB-cum-
The bottom is the charging port.
In addition to the volume rocker switch, the sides are bare. There is a 3-
The Meg camera is located on the back but the LED flash is missing from the phone.
We also missed the physical camera button.
Unlike Erasmus, the P500 does not have a flashing indicator to alert us to new notifications.
The P500 runs Android v2. 2 or Froyo. Although v2.
3 or gingerbread has been on the market and Froyo is not out of date and works well on this phone.
You can choose from five or seven customizable home screens.
LG added a curved dock at the bottom of the screen with buttons for dial plates, contacts, messages, and browsers.
You can't customize the dock, though.
You have the option to add many widgets to your home screen, including a handy little message widget that displays the latest text.
However, if you are a person who insists on privacy, you may want to skip this one.
You can also add folders to the menu screen and drag and drop apps into it.
This feature is especially useful if you have a lot of apps.
Unlike the previous Optimus, the P500 has a capacitive touch screen that responds very quickly.
The only problem we have is when we inadvertently activate the icon during scrolling.
You can choose an Android or LG keyboard.
The LG keyboard is actually a fun to type and even provides predictive text.
In portrait mode, you can choose either the alphanumeric keyboard or the QWERTY keyboard, and we will give a thumbs up.
We are a big fan of mobile phone customization!
MediaLG is always doing better in terms of media friendliness and the P500 is not going to disappoint.
The 320x480 TFT screen is perfect for viewing images and the display details are fine.
The video played while loading does not have any visible stagger, although the screen is not high --
Good color reproduction and clarity.
However, the phone does not support AVi files, and most smartphones in the p500 Category support AVi files.
The phone is equipped with standard Android 2.
Media Player for organizing music according to artists, albums, songs and playlists.
The sound quality is good and the speakers can be heard in crowded rooms.
The memory of this phone can be extended to 32 gb, which can replace the music player.
Camera is good 3-megger.
It is equipped with facial tracking and control for various scene selection, macro mode, ISO, exposure, white balance and color effects.
We especially enjoyed adding timer switches for those group shots.
For a mobile camera, the image works well and takes amazing night photos.
The images taken in the underlit interior are a bit rough, but can be seen from the phone camera.
But as we mentioned earlier, the LED flash is a welcome addition to the camera.
The P500 supports almost all email accounts, including MS Exchange, and even prompts us to set up a Google account when we first launch our phone.
It also has a convenient Gtalk client.
Without the integration of Facebook and Twitter, any phone today will not be complete, and the P500 supports the sync of all SNS contacts.
We like the phone to display SIM and SNS contacts separately, so we can differentiate them.
The P500 is powered by a 600 MHz processor.
We have no problems in many ways.
Task assignment when using media player.
It even works on cameras that are not supported by some phones.
We were able to run Facebook, Gmail and Gtalk in the background and use our phones normally without slowing down any process.
This phone is built in.
In the accelerometer, while it is not very sensitive, it sometimes takes a while to switch between portrait and landscape modes.
This is rare when the touch screen is unresponsive, causing a lot of tingling on the screen.
The phone is equipped with a standard lithium-ion 1500 MAh battery, charging for two days, a few hours of talk time, and social networks are logged in, which is impressive.
Good call quality.
The phone has a proximity sensor that works perfectly and locks the screen when we call.
We were able to hear the caller clearly and they didn't complain too much background noise when we were outdoors.
Although we have no problem with the screen, it does not perform very well in direct sunlight.
However, you can't expect the AMOLED screen in terms of the price LG offers the phone.
It was a pleasure to use our verdictOverall P500.
It does not slow down when overworking, and the battery life is also good.
LG finally did this on this phone, but we think it can still do better.
We hope to see a high
The company's terminal smartphones will compete for companies like Nokia N8 and Samsung Galaxy S, but until then it was one of the best "star" smartphones.
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