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lg unveils dual-screen 5g smartphone and touts biometric breakthrough - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-20
lg unveils dual-screen 5g smartphone and touts biometric breakthrough  -  smart
BARCELONA (Reuters)-
South Korea's LG Electronics released a dual-screen 5g smartphone on Sunday, the latest design feature to revive flagging sales.
The two screens on the new V50ThinQ work independently, so users can watch movies on one screen while browsing the internet on the other.
Number one LG in the world
Smartphone maker sales fell for a quarter last year as Chinese rivals Huawei technology and Xiaomi seized market share in a slightly weaker global market.
On the eve of the Mobile World Congress, both companies announced 5g mobile phones in Barcelona, the main annual gathering in the telecom industry, and Xiaomi launched a $680 model, huawei broke the price limit with a $2,600 folding phone.
Still, LG retains followers of those who value good video and audio quality.
For these users, LG launched the second mobile phone G8ThinQ, which can be unlocked without touching the screen.
Instead, the phone uses a light sensor to scan the vein in the user's hand or identify their face.
Front of the phone-
The camera-facing sensor chip developed using the German Infineon technology can perform 3D scanning
It is safer than existing biometric methods such as fingerprint unlocking phones.
LG product evangelist David Montania said at the press conference that "cheating" is more difficult than the FaceID feature used in Apple's iPhone X, because the vein structure in the user's hand is in the same billion as others.
Users can also activate the function through gestures-
For example, by twisting your fingers, imitating the role Tom Cruise plays in science, playing or pausing a song or video, or adjusting the volume
Detective fiction thriller Minority Report.
LG did not set a release date or price for the new phone, but said the 5g model will be available in the first half of this year.
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