life in tablet form - the ipad killers hoping to be next must-have gadget - digital pen tablet-ITA

life in tablet form - the 'ipad killers' hoping to be next must-have gadget - digital pen tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-03
life in tablet form - the \'ipad killers\' hoping to be next must-have gadget  -  digital pen tablet
This year will be a year for tablets, and electronics manufacturers are racing to produce the ultimate commuter gadget to replace TV, game consoles, book collections, and even laptops --
All in one bag, you can put it in your handbag.
Tablets can really change your life for office workers.
Reading books on electronic screens is now a real option, and thanks to companies like Amazon, you can get almost any best seller on your tablet.
Movies and TV can also be a part of your daily commute, and almost all gadgets have a high price
Define screens, access services such as the BBC's iPlayer, and movie download services.
Some amazing games also have the added benefit of eliminating the inevitable subway delays --
On the larger screen of the tablet, they are more interesting than on the phone.
Of course, email and internet access are the key.
Of the 3g on many tablets, this means that you can stay in touch and work no matter where you are.
Less than a year ago, Apple launched the iPad and the tablet revolution began, while dozens of other companies revealed this week that they wanted to be the iPad killer.
Giants such as Google, Microsoft and BlackBerry maker RIM have all shown gadgets they want to take commuter trains near you this year.
Shawn DuBravak, chief economist of the American Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
The event is expected to launch more than 100 new tablets called CES.
He added that 2011 will be the year of the tablet ".
However, experts say Apple's competitors will face a tough battle.
With Apple expected to announce the iPad 2 in a few weeks, the tablet market war will be a long and painful one.
We offer you the best tablet: Heavy Reading Samsung Galaxy TabPrice: 399 pro: large commute size.
Cons: can click on the appand-miss.
Size: 7 in screen.
As the first competitor to the iPad, Samsung's Galaxy Tab recently lowered its price to less than £ 400.
It's simple to use, and while existing apps lack Apple's stability, it's still one of the best tablets, especially for readers.
The included e-book software is great and small
The form factor means that you can put it on the packaged tube with one hand.
JETSETTERBlackberry PlaybookPrice: available in the summer.
Advantages: small to carry with you, great video playback.
Cons: The menu is a bit too complicated.
Size: 7 in screen.
The Playbook is probably the best friend for commuters as it can be placed in a jacket pocket and is the second perfect device for BlackBerry users.
In fact, it is very small but feels solid and well assembled.
It is a very good entertainment device, excellent video playback and excellent games and decent web browser, making it a good overall
Players for commuters.
For BlackBerry users, it will also put your email and BlackBerry messenger conversations on a larger screen, which also means reading and replying to emails for office workers, instead of taking out the phone from his pocket.
It is strong enough to play at high volume
Definition movies on PC as well as perfect commuting equipment.
ARTISTLenovo SlatePrice: about 400, available in May.
Advantages: excellent screen and long battery life.
Cons: It can be a little fidgety without a stylus.
Size: 10in screen.
Another tablet running Microsoft Windows software, Lenovo feels strong and looks cute.
However, using Windows on a tablet is absolutely not ideal, so that Lenovo even includes a stylus when the fingers are not accurate enough.
But using a digital pen means that this is a perfect gadget that allows you to draw with amazing accuracy.
However, while feeling fast and smooth, navigating around the menu can be frustrating without a stylus.
Google Motorola xomprice: launched later this year.
Pros: great, easyto-use software.
Cons: Not as many apps as Apple.
Size: 10in screen.
The Xoom is arguably the best of the latest iPad killer, fast and easy to use, and crucially, it has plenty of apps available.
This is the first tablet to run a new version of Google's mobile phone software.
The screen makes it easy to read books, and two cameras also allow you to make video calls
This means you can keep in touch from anywhere.
Author and email ADDICTSamsung TX100Price: Bart, provided by March.
Unique design.
Disadvantages: quite thick.
Size: 10in screen.
Samsung has an interesting view of the tablet for this tablet/PC hybrid.
Although the tablet is a bit chubby, it looks like a normal tablet, but slide the screen and a full keyboard appears to turn it into a fully functional laptop.
Running Microsoft's Windows 7 software is fast, perfect for heavy email users, and great for students.
It's also perfect for those who are not fully ready to give up their laptops, giving you the best of both worlds.
Bookamazon Kindle Price: 129 Pros: excellent screen and long battery life.
Cons: only one thing is really good.
Size: 6in screen.
Amazon's Kindle is essential.
Have Gadgets at Christmas time and will continue to be the Bookworm's favorite.
Downloading books is simple and you can also access your e-library via mobile phone or computer
It will even remember which page you are on so you can swap the device easily.
It is becoming more and more common on the subway, and although there are no fancy features from some competitors, it is still very popular.
TV ADDICTPanasonic Viera flat panel TV Price: £ 129 pro: highly integrated with TV (
As long as it is Panasonic).
Cons: The price of the TV remote control is very expensive.
Size: 4 in, 7 in and 10 in versions are available.
Viera is the ultimate TV remote control based on Google Android software, which allows you to watch programs, control TV, and easily access a variety of online TV and movie services.
It's really a place to work for the living room instead of the bus, but for addicts on TV, it could be the ultimate tablet.
Parent company of hoxtoneapple iPadPrice and hoxtoneapple iPadPrice: 429 professionals: this is the best tablet in the market.
Disadvantages: too big to use on the tube without causing a lot of attention. Size: 9. 7in screen.
The IPad is still dominant in the tablet market, and with recent software updates it is able to run multiple programs at the same time, it is still ahead of its competitors.
It got a cult follower, especially the parents who had accepted it and found it to make it perfect (if expensive)
Educational tools for teaching through games.
However, please note
Although it has been released for less than a year, rumors point out that the new version will be released in the next few months.
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