lightspeed raises $240-million in biggest canadian tech ipo in almost 9 years - smart technologies

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-03
lightspeed raises $240-million in biggest canadian tech ipo in almost 9 years  -  smart technologies
Speed of light POS
Software makers at retailers and restaurants have soared in their first deals after raising $0. 24 billion ($179 million)
This is the largest initial public offering by a Canadian technology company in nearly nine years.
Shares climbed to $20.
22, up 26 percentage points from the IPO price of $16.
They rose 20 cents at 1: 30. m. in Toronto.
Value Montreal-
The company's platform can be used for everything from point of sale to inventory management for about $1. 7 billion.
This is the largest stock sale by a Canadian technology company since Smart Technologies Inc.
Raised $0. 66 billion in $2010 in financingS. listing. Ottawa-based e-
Shopify Inc.
Raised $0. 131 billion in the IPO and is currently valued at more than $20 billion.
Not all companies do well, however: real companies
A real estate data and software company has seen its market share shrink by about 2017 since listing 2 out of 3.
Established in 2005 with over 700 employees, focus on small and medium-sized enterprises
Enterprises of scale.
Early investors, including the savings bank de oil depot and other places Du Kui, the province's pension fund manager.
Bank of Montreal, National Bank of finance and JP Morgan Chase
Leading the sale of stocks.
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