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limos and fine food: ah, it's a dog's life - smart furniture

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limos and fine food: ah, it\'s a dog\'s life  -  smart furniture
By N. R.
Kleinfield may 1990 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
Please send a report of such issues to archid_feedback @ nytimes. com.
Red only eats high
Protein food, never consider leftovers.
Every week, he goes to the salon to take a long, soothing bath and do his hair.
In order to keep healthy, he plays in the glassenclosed, air-
He has a spacious fitness area in his home in Atlanta.
Every other weekend, he jumps into a jeep and zooms in to a cabin at N. cashier. C.
Five or six times a year, he revels at the beach house at Hilton Head. C. Not a bad life.
But don't think red is the only dog so good.
Never have so many pet owners shamelessly doused their animals with luxury goods.
Dogs and cats are enjoying a luxury life that their ancestors are not familiar: upscale food, luxurious clothes, smart furniture, the best salon and pet owners with full medical care are considered twice a week for their mother.
He said that the process of urbanization in the United States has put more stringent restrictions on pets and owners than before, so the status of pets has also increased.
Michael Garvey, head of the Department of Medicine, New York Center for Animal Medicine.
"It's easier to ignore your pet's needs when it's roaming outdoors.
If you live in
Room apartments with two cats and dogs make it difficult to ignore their needs.
"There is another element of guilt," he added . ".
"If I really like Brutus, I should buy his food for $12 instead of $2.
'Ad Brendt Collinson, a 40-year-old real-
Real estate salesman, who bought a golden retriever red, bought page injectJU
There are some permanent company in his single life.
"In 1990s, with all the crazy things going on, more and more singles, you tend to treat pets as partners and friends," he said . ".
"I have a lot of friends like me who all like their dogs very much and bought them everything.
I mean everything.
"To capitalize on this fascination, many aspects of the $11 billion pet product industry are turning to higher-priced products.
Simply feeding small animals now means a major moment of anxiety.
How can you open any old jar?
Not when there is the best nutritious and effective food.
Not when there's milk.
To prevent the accumulation of tartar bones. (
Do you think dogs like going to the dentist more than you do? )
When there is HiPro, it can produce smaller stools and help keep the sidewalk clean.
Nowadays, pets must pay attention to what they eat, because their lives are very similar to those of their owners.
They are more inactive at home (
They have videos of dogs and cats to watch)
Live Longer
Quality and healthy pet food is by far the fastest
Pet food business is growing. There are high-
A protein production line like Iams and Ralston Purina's Pro program.
There are specialty dishes such as tender ribs, delicious food, Purina Cat Chow Plus and Fancy Feast.
As obesity becomes more and more troublesome, there are diet series such as Alpo Lite, Cycle 3 Lite and fit 'N Trim.
Hill's Pet products have a scientific diet: Cat Diet, kitten diet, adult diet and light formula;
For dogs, food for puppies, adult dogs, dull dogs, active dogs, fat dogs, and elderly dogs.
There is also a diet for dogs who are under heavy stress.
It was eaten by dogs from the army and police.
More and more people are hiking to feed shops and pet shops to get food that is not available in the supermarket.
Iams, for example, has been selling in specialty stores for 44 years, but its sales have grown from $10 million in 1982 to $100 million last year.
An Iams spokesperson said the ads "People spend more for themselves to buy better food", so they are doing the same for their pets.
"However, many veterinarians don't necessarily think dogs need to be low
Cholesterol cookies
"People look at a quality food and say it must be better: it's more expensive and more nutritious," said the doctor. Garvey said.
"But take a hound that sleeps 20 hours a day, in addition to playing with a small ball.
If the dog eats high
Protein food, it becomes very fat.
So it's not always better to be better.
"With a new understanding of nutrition, the positive actions of health care follow.
Pets received hip replacement, chemotherapy, kidney transplant, and pacemakers.
They even had acupuncture.
It can cost thousands of dollars to cure a pet, which is why more people buy health insurance.
Two Veterinary Pet Insurance Companies in Santa Ana, California
And animal health insurance in Danbury, Connecticut.
Thousands of pets are sold each year, with a premium of about $100 per pet.
"Demand is advancing by leaps and bounds," said J.
Scott Henderson, president of animal health insurance
"We 've been selling policies for five years, but people are just starting to hear about it.
They are interested in their health, so they want the best care for their pets.
"If you're bothered by the cost of pet health insurance itself, there's comforting news from Boston bank's Massachusetts company.
With 10,000 veterinarians, it has started offering Visa cards with a 10% discount on pet insurance and a discount on pet food and accessories.
The name of your pet can be printed on the card next to you.
But even if a pet has health, it doesn't have everything. At Hammacher-
Schlemmer in New York, you can get a pet automatically
Seat belts for car travel, heated water beds or orthopedic beds for pets with arthritis.
Princess Limousine
In Manhattan, $40 an hour plus a tip of 20% can deliver your pet to a beautician or airport.
Elaine Wazer, the Princess's owner, said she had to make 10 pet calls a day.
A few years ago, after a friend turned off her pet shipping business and turned to animal holistic treatment, she entered the profession.
Actress Elaine prinsey of the TV series Life I orders a Princess car two or three times a week to take her and her two dogs, tipe and Bianca, to the studio or to shop or visit her boyfriend.
"They will be very excited when they hear the car is here," she said . ". Ms.
The princess has obviously improved her dog's life in many ways.
Now that the dog is 12 years old, she has vowed to stop eating supermarket food and buy a special premium diet from licking your ribs.
She found the dog annoyed by the kennel, so she hired a dog sitter to stay with them while she was away.
She surprised them with her Burberry coat during Christmas.
"They don't know," she said . "
Some pets obviously prefer mink.
You can buy a mink coat for $350 in a place like a pet set, a trendy Atlanta boutique, where the atmosphere is full of serious pet discussions.
It opened 10 years ago and did $127,000 in business in the first year;
About $1 million now.
According to owner Priscilla Yearwood, good customers of pet suits spend between $4,000 and $5,000 a year at the store.
They purchased the kennel of the French castle, a marble feeding bowl, a dinner jacket, a brass bed, a dog video, a jogging suit and a high chair.
"We sell a lot of toothpaste . "Yearwood said.
"And we sold out yarmulkes all the time.
"Some pets fly in every six weeks from Tennessee, Alabama, and the state of orklahe to freshen up.
She hosts boarders in rooms equipped with private access and air conditioning
Stereo music.
Most dogs listen to a simple radio station. a good symphony always attracts the silence of concentration.
The upcoming deli will offer dog croissants and croissants.
Dog biscuits dippedA freeze-
Chicken Sandwich and crab
For a long time, a $32 pound meat sandwich has been popular. Ms.
Yearwood found that more pets were taken to the wedding, so she had been busy putting on wedding dresses for dogs and cats.
In fact, she even dressed two dogs who decided to settle down.
The host had a wedding for them in front of a priest, and the couple now live in the bride's house.
The pet started a new service in October.
Some owners need to work long hours to earn enough money to feed their pets and they don't have time to walk their dogs regularly.
Now they can put the dog in the shop and put it on the treadmill for half a monthhour.
Some owners think it's day care.
Dogs hang out all day, have lunch, jump on the treadmill, listen to music, and then get picked up at the end of the day. Advertising Lady
Yearwood doesn't think it's all ridiculous.
"I think the pet industry is at the forefront of social change," she said . "
Until recently, most pet luxury items were for dogs.
Now there are more cats than dogs in the United States.
58 million to 50 million)
More owners feel financially comfortable and high-end products for cats are beginning to emerge. Susan Lee, 33year-
Former ad copy, very upset about finding good accessories for her two cats, she recently started emailing
Order business called Ms crazy cat.
She was initially interested in hand-painted garbage --box covers.
There is also a $80 futon bed and a $325 art deco club chair.
"This idea," Ms.
Li said: "It is to let the cats have their own furniture so that they will not lie on your furniture.
"Many letters from ladies
It is said that the search goods received by Li were written by the cat itself.
The shadow just wrote in the letter: "The stupid lady who lives with me wants a neat catalogue of yours.
I need something decent before I die. Hurry -
I'm 15 years old.
"The price pet owners can expect to pay for quality goods and services is love. A bag of low-
$6 cholesterol dog cookies.
A senior golden retriever eats Science 50 times a week.
Manicure, massage and haircut for poodles (with bows)50. 00A half-
Exercise on the treadmill for an hour.
00An car seat belt 24.
Health insurance annual premium 97.
50 A hip replacement for 1,200.
The article in the 2,000 to 3, 000A version of the 00A series of radiation therapy was published on page C00001 of the National edition in May 31, 1990, with the title: Limo and food: Ah, this is the life of a dog.
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