look: artist turns filipino actresses into disney princesses - drawing tablet-ITATOUCH-img

look: artist turns filipino actresses into disney princesses - drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-04
look: artist turns filipino actresses into disney princesses  -  drawing tablet
These are spot-on.
Facebook user Kenneth Jason rectal sharing ~
The Filipino actress turned into a Disney Princess artwork went viral on Saturday.
In the photo, we see Lisa Soberano as a beauty in Beauty And The Beast, Miss Universe 2015 is Pocahontas, and Mei NTA is Mulan, as Moana and Catherine Bernardo.
Recto told us via a message on Facebook that after he made a sketch of Miss Catriona Gray, 2018, he started making artwork.
"A lot of people commented that she looked like a Disney princess, so I had the idea of creating [Disney]
He said in the Philippines.
He shared that he used Autodesk Sketchbook and his drawing tablet to make artwork on his laptop.
"Each digital painting takes four to five hours to make," he said . "
He said he grew up watching Disney movies that struck his chord.
He also said that he was inspired by other artists.
As of the time of this post, Facebook posts had over 43,000 likes and 87,000 shares.
Netizens applauded the work of Recto.
CJ Pangilinan said in the Philippines: "This is great! So talented!
Justin Brylle Carbonell martarias said: "These look great, bro!
Maria Concepción Reyes said in the Philippines: "This is perfect for them.
Just like they are not actresses, just like they are Disney princesses.
Seeing that Cinderella is not part of the Art Series, lovely Light Baybay said: "I want to see Cinderella too.
Princess Ann Comia said she wanted the Disney prince to be there as well.
Anthony z Anthony Baguio joked: "He is also the Princess of Disney and he is also a work of art for Thanos.
What do you think of these works of art?
Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @ CoconutsManila.
LOOK: the artist turned the Filipino actress into a Disney princess, initially appearing on coconut, Asia's leading alternative media company.
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