looking for a bargain check out our top 3 amazon tech deals for friday - drawing tablet-ITATOUCH-i

looking for a bargain? check out our top 3 amazon tech deals for friday - drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-05
looking for a bargain? check out our top 3 amazon tech deals for friday  -  drawing tablet
The Amazon Gold Box deal on Friday offers extra-
Featuring a large wireless drawing tablet, a unique headset/eye mask, and a stylish portable Bluetooth speaker.
Save up to $76 with a discount of up to 79%.
Read on and browse the best Amazon technology deals of the day.
Get your creativity to digitize your drawings and written ideas by using this Huion Giano wireless graphics drawing tablet, which is only 30% off today.
This is the latest model of inHuion's graphic drawing table series, which allows you to draw as naturally as you would with a normal pen and paper.
The huge drawing area of the tablet computer is 13. 8 by 8. 6 inches.
It has a tablet built in. in 2.
4 GHz with a range of up to 40 feet.
It also includes an 8 gb MicroSD card, which makes it more convenient to save artwork and carry it with you.
The drawing tablet has 12 programmable quick keys that you can customize to create the time-
Save shortcuts.
It's equipped with a 2048-pressure-
Level sensitive charging pen.
Professional Pen and tablet combination provides a piece of paper
It's like drawing a surface.
Lithium is built into this tablet-
The ion battery charges in five to seven hours and lasts up to 40 hours in wireless mode.
It is compatible with Windows XP and above and Mac 10. 8.
0 or more with one-year warranty.
Huion Giano wireless graphic drawing tablet usually retails for $159, but today it is only discounted to $111 on Amazon, saving you $48 (30 percent).
Even during the trip, Amazon sleeps even better using AGPtek's wired sleep headset/eye mask, which currently has a 46% discount on Amazon.
The mask can make it easier and better for you to sleep and help you avoid the problem of insufficient sleep.
It has a unique mask shape that blocks all of the light and other visual interference, as well as the asa's built-in-
HD audio speakers.
This mask is effective in treating insomnia and is suitable for most head sizes.
The soft, removable eye mask is crafted from special fabrics and features excellent lightweight sponge material. The 2. 47-
When it gets wet, the Oz mask becomes cold to the touch, and the fully removable headband is easy to clean.
Sleep Mask built-in-
In the adjustable speaker, even if you flip over and over while you're sleeping, it's still fixed in the desired position.
The headphones are very durable and have standard 3.
5mm audio plug that works perfectly with most MP3 players, mobile phones and tablets.
TheAGPtek wired sleep headset eye mask periodically retails for $37, but currently Amazon's price has dropped to $20, offering $17 (46 percent)discount.
Make your music present in a stylish way with this EasySMX Bluetooth 4.
0 portable wireless speakers, currently with a 79% discount on Amazon.
The stylish speaker housing features a durable aluminum grille and provides a highquality, 360-
Full range audio.
There are 2 sets of vertical Bluetooth speakers-inch full-
Distance drive unit with circular sound and two passive bass radiators-
Better than the experience you traditionally get from flat speakers.
Equipped with Bluetooth 4.
0 technology to make it compatible with all Bluetooth-Device enabled.
It has a handy Bluetooth indicator that flashes when it's ready to pair, and then stays lit when you play the music.
You can
Use the Bluetooth device that comes with 3.
5mm audio cable and Aux-in jack.
The speaker also comes with a leather handle that is stylish and easy to carry.
It is characterized by high
Capacity, rechargeable 2200 battery, one charge can provide up to five hours of playback time.
Easysmx Bluetooth 4.
0 portable wireless speakers usually retail for $96, but Amazon is currently selling for $20, saving you $76 (79 percent).
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Check out our trading page and save some extra on our favorite gadgets.
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