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lots of business products at consumer electronics show - pen tablet for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-18
lots of business products at consumer electronics show  -  pen tablet for pc
Familiar business
At the International Consumer Electronics Show in early January, fashion products will be part of many gadgets and graffiti.
The annual convention, known for showing everything from the huge apartment
In the bright lights of Las Vegas, play TV for Taser guns and robot dogs, and will also host more people with buckles
In 2006, there was a new growth in laptop products.
Businesses can often ignore big
Screen TVs, small phones, DVD players and other consumer devices are on display at the show.
However, most of the technology built into these devices has entered the company's devices.
"Treos and blackberries, as well as many handheld devices, must be appropriate in a business environment --
Sometimes even more than consumers, "said Steve Baker, an analyst at NPD Group Inc. "Flat-
Flat-screen TV is not just a consumer technology.
You will see a lot of talk about big apartments.
"The Screen TV can be used for public display," he said. Intel Corp.
CEO Paul Otellini will deliver a keynote speech on the stage on Thursday afternoon, and he will share extensive news.
In addition to launching a new brand strategy, to a large extent, to launch its traditional "Intel in-house" label series and introduce new terms to its mobile chips, chip makers will also launch the latest laptop platform.
Napa is an important platform for enterprises because it claims
Digital performance improvements and longer battery life for laptops, including Intel's dual
The core Yonah processor is the successor to its Pentium M and a new support chip set with built-in high-performance graphics and new wireless modules.
The company is also expected to launch a new mobile device name with Yonah and Napa.
The company is expected to call it an Intel Core processor with dual processors
The core version is sold in the form of "Duo" chips and single chips
The core version known as "solo.
"Intel says its Napa platform will bring in more than 220 laptop designs, about half of which will be launched within a month of Napa's launch.
It is expected to be Lenovo Group Co. , Ltd.
According to outgoing CEO Steve Ward, the ThinkPad product line will be incorporated into Napa.
"You will see our product line expand with Napa laptops," Ward said in a recent interview with eWEEK ".
"At CES in January, my expectation is that Lenovo will have more of the latest Intel technology than anyone else. "Brand-
Name of supplier including Dell, Gateway Inc. , Hewlett-Packard Co.
Maybe even Apple.
They can make good use of the platform or part of it to design new portable devices that are expected to provide Napa machines for businesses and consumers.
"From the PC side this year, with the launch of Napa, we will see a lot of commercial laptops," Baker said . ".
But, he added, "we'll hear more about laptops with built-in wireless WAN.
This is undoubtedly a cross-border technology.
Several PC makers, including Lenovo, Dell and HP, have announced plans to offer services to Verizon Communications. 's EV-DO wide-
Their machines provide regional wireless network services.
Dell and HP say it won't start until 2006.
Intel will also discuss consumer electronics from its Viiv brand.
Although the Viiv platform will be consumer-oriented, some of the same hardware will also appear on the company's desktop in 2006 as part of a commercial desktop platform known as Averill.
Bill Gates of Microsoft
The company's chairman and chief software architect will also deliver a keynote address at the CES conference.
In his speech, Gates may praise the merits of Microsoft's next Windows operating system, Vista, which will be released by the end of 2006.
Considering a lot of business-
Detail-oriented for the new operating system-
For example, its Restart Manager-
Microsoft has already discussed that Gates may focus on Vista's Media Center features or outline its tablet capabilities.
Businesses may be interested in tablets.
Tablets that use pen input and special Windows XP Tablet versions of the operating system are often slow sellers compared to standard laptops.
However, tablets have found homes in areas such as health care and education.
At the same time, some PC manufacturers have said that some companies have also begun to show interest in PCs in media centers because they are responsible for presenting presentations on boards or sales meetings.
New phones, TVs and other devices are also expected to be unveiled at the show. Palm Inc.
Likely to highlight the upcoming launch of Treo 700 w, the company's first Windows Mobile softwarebased phone. Motorola Inc.
May also showed off its Q, which looks like a cross between the company's RAZR phone and Motion Ltd research. BlackBerry. LG. Philips LCD Co. Ltd.
LCD will be displayed-
The company said in a pre-report that displays based on televisions and computers are up to 55 inch in sizeShow invitation.
Samsung Electronics, BenQ Corp.
Other companies are expected to display the same large LCD screen, plasma TV and other gadgets. LG.
Philips LCD will also display 10. 1-Inch Flexible Electronics
The company says the book shows.
There will also be some new technologies.
At least one company, Jadoo Power Systems
Folsom, California
, The fuel cell will be shown to power the laptop, radio and other devices.
Tracking the phone while away from your desk can also be easier as the new phone will also be displayed at the show.
At least one company will present a telephone system based on European DECT (
Digital enhanced wireless communication)standard.
Delegates said the technology, like a crossover between cordless phones and mobile phones, would allow users to roam through office buildings or office parks and still be able to answer calls. Look at eWEEK.
Com's desktop and laptop centers are up to date with the latest news on desktops and laptops.
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