macos or windows multi-mode here are our favorite laptops for college - graphic design pad-ITATOUC

macos or windows? multi-mode? here are our favorite laptops for college - graphic design pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-17
macos or windows? multi-mode? here are our favorite laptops for college  -  graphic design pad
From choosing a school to finding a roommate, college and higher education trips can be a period of high anxiety.
To a lesser extent, choosing the right laptop is the key.
In addition to your smartphone and wearable devices, a laptop is a device that you will use more and more.
These can be used from taking notes, writing papers, creating PowerPoint presentations, running data, and of course watching Netflix.
So while it's relatively easy to know what you need to do with a laptop, the process of picking a laptop is more complicated than ever.
From design to processor to touch screen, there are many brands, two operating systems and countless other determinants.
Oh of course, since you will take it from class to class, you will want a portable one.
Fortunately, this handy dandy guide will make it easier for every college student to choose a laptop.
If your time is tight and you're late for the next class, here's a quick memo: The laptop is getting thinner and thinner as smartphones get bigger.
Remember when Steve Jobs pulled the MacBook Air from the yellow manilla folder in 2009?
The original model led to a revolution, a design that was tilted, giving designers and end consumers different ideas.
Weight is especially important for students as your laptop is a hot product
You need the tools for the whole day.
You don't want a large piece of plastic and aluminum in your backpack. Most laptops —
Almost all we recommend.
This stylish and thin style has been accepted.
2019 MacBook Air and Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 each weighing less than 3 pounds with 13-
Sharp monitor.
In addition, the era of white plastic MacBook has passed.
Both the MacBook Air and the Surface Laptop 2 are made of aluminum or metal.
First of all, it gives you more value and also gives you a stylish computer that can handle Ding or scratches.
Surface Pro or Acer Switch 3, both 2-in-
1 s, metal plate with screen and bracket on the back.
Although these devices are thinner and have less weight, their durability is not reduced.
When it comes to operating systems, you are likely to have loyalty, which is very similar to the bright or dark side of Star Wars.
Still, loyalty is a hard thing to do.
The battle comes down to personal preferences and how you use your computer.
If you have an iPhone, you will most likely choose a Mac because iMessage and FaceTime can work across devices.
At the same time, Windows 10 makes it easier to interact with other devices and may have a wider selection of applications.
It's also wise to see if your particular program, major or school has its own favorites.
Let's take a look at our laptop that is best for college students.
Apple's MacBook Air 2018 (
Starting at $1,199; amazon. com)
If you're looking for a super
Portable machines that look sweet (
Gold is a personal favorite)
This is part of the Apple ecosystem, and it looks no less than the MacBook Air.
It has been a consumer favorite for many years, and at the end of last year, it received its first update in years with a brand new design and upgraded hardware.
In addition, for those who have been in class for a long time, working in a dormitory, and will inevitably fly Online, a clear and clear Retina display will impress.
Since the MacBook Air has only two USB, you also need to adapt to the life of the dongle
Port C and headphone jack.
Fortunately, Apple and third parties can sell ads with almost anything you can think.
But at the end of the day, the MacBook Air is a great laptop for college students.
Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 (
Starting at $899; microsoft. com)
Microsoft not only produces Windows;
It's also back in the hardware game.
The Surface is a combination of tablets and laptops that have taken off in the past few years, making this list lower, but the Surface Laptop 2 is a traditional twisted laptop.
Thanks to its many colors: black, platinum, Burgundy and dark blue, it certainly stands out from the crowd.
In addition, there is a structure inside the computer, which is a pleasure to use, especially typing.
Like the next generation of palm rest.
Since Windows 10 is optimized for touch screens, 13. 5-
Built-in inch display can be controlled
In the trackpad or finger as it enables touch.
Switching back and forth between input controls is effortless.
Unlike a MacBook Air with only USB
C port, Microsoft put a few on the laptop 2.
It is worth noting that there is no USB
But you have a charging port, USB-
Mini Display and headphone jack. Face Book 2 (
Starting at $1,149; microsoft. com)
Microsoft's Surface Book 2 integrates the best tablets and laptops into one device. It's a true 2-in-
1 device because you can disconnect the screen from the keyboard.
Most of the hardware is actually on the screen because you can use it separately with an optional Surface Pen.
The hinge allows you to flip it all the way even in laptop mode.
Better yet, Microsoft allows you to be in 13-or 15-inch size.
The Intel i5 or i7 processor will allow you to handle productivity tasks like email, papers, and slides like a champion.
The Surface Book can also edit 4 k video clips in Adobe Premiere and let you complete your late night coding session. Apple 15-
MacBook Pro inch (
Starting at $2,099, initially $2,399; amazon. com)
The price of a Mac laptop is often higher. The 15-
The inch MacBook Pro starts at $2,399, nothing different.
Give you 15 points.
Intel Core i7 processors, dedicated graphics processors, 256 GB of storage space, and 16 GB of RAM.
You can also use a faster processor, up to 32 gb of RAM-
This is a great deal of processing power.
Up to 2 tb of storage capacity.
It can be a portable power that should handle articles and notes like a champion.
In addition, for graphic design or art majors, you can run programs such as AutoDesk, Final Cut, Adobe Suite, and other tax collection applications. Surface Pro 6 (
Starting at $799; microsoft. com)
I was a little skeptical when Microsoft launched the Surface, but the device actually started 2-in-1 category.
The Surface Pro 6 with the cover is very happy to use.
Like the Surface Book 2 screen, the Surface Pro 6 is essentially a highperformance 12. 3-inch tablet.
By including the trackpad, the Type Cover takes a different route than the Apple iPad Smart Keyboard.
Ultimately, this attachment allows you to use the Pro 6 as a laptop.
It meets the necessary specifications for productivity use, light gaming and even light photo editing.
The best part is built in
On the back bracket you can find the perfect angle.
Students who find themselves working on a sofa or bed will love this extra feature. Acer Switch 3 ($399; amazon. com)
Acer Switch 3 seems to be a more affordable Surface Pro for me and still can handle high
Performance tasks.
You get a slightly smaller 12. 2-
But it includes keyboard accessories and activity pens.
It has only Intel Pentium processors inside, but it is ideal for lighter tasks such as productivity, paper writing, notes, and of course web browsing or streaming.
Acer also includes a built-inin kickstand.
Overall, this is a good solution.
Asus VivoBook S15 (
Starting at $699; amazon. com)
If you want 15-
The Asus VivoBook S15 is a stylish and affordable inch laptop and a great choice.
You can pick from gun metal, sky green, star gray and silver blue.
All of this will make your personality shine and you will see a 15-when you open it-
Thanks to nanotechnology, inch displays span almost the entire lengthEdge design.
The bottom of the VivoBook is built with an ergonomic lift that can be lifted a little.
I think some users will find this helpful for long typing and overall comfort.
While it's a big laptop and the display is bigger, it's still portable, less than 4 pounds, so it won't hurt to drag it on campus.
Asus also starts with Intel Core i5, and from school work to entertainment, it should meet the needs of all students.
Note: The above price reflects the price tag of the retailer at the time of release.
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