madhya pradesh budget 2017: smart city project gets a leg up | bhopal news - times of india - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-02
madhya pradesh budget 2017:  smart city project gets a leg up | bhopal news - times of india  -  smart
Bhopal: On Wednesday, Congressman Finance Minister Jayant Malaiya allocated 700 rupees for the ambitious project.
Unlike the previous fiscal year, there was no allocation for subway projects.
Malaiya said it waited for approval from the Union government.
According to the smart city project, seven city centers in the state will benefit from smart city development.
Regional Development of 354 acres of land in TT Nagar north of Bhopal is expected to take shape soon.
City management officials said that in the last fiscal year, the state government provided 250 rupees for the development of smart cities in Indore, Bhopal and jabbalpur.
In Indore and Bhopal, the smart city is about Rs 3,000.
80% of the money will be raised by their respective smart city development companies. Smart city -
Special-purpose vehicles are supported by an equivalent contribution of Rs 500 from the federal and state governments.
Therefore, in five years, each smart city will receive funds to adjust Rs 1,000 in five years to develop the Pan-
The urban programme and a regional development programme.
As the state government's contribution to the development of smart cities in Indore, Bhopal and jabbalpur, a significant amount of money has been used.
In the first phase of the smart city development of Bhopal, Indore and Jabalpur were incorporated into the Smart City Mission.
The second phase includes Gwalior and Ujjain.
The third phase will include Sagar and Satna.
Initially, the focus of smart city development was to develop an overall plan that focused on inclusive development and improved core infrastructure, quality of life, a clean and sustainable environment, and smart solutions.
The subways in Indor and Bhopal are waiting for approval from the federal government.
Last year, the budget for subway projects in two cities was RS 453.
Under the new proposal, the state government and the federal government will invest in the proposed Metro project with a 40% equity contribution.
With the beginning of basic developments on the ground, funding agencies will be approached.
The state government is in talks with the European Investment Bank and the ADB on two proposals worth Rs 15,000.
The state finance minister announced that a feasibility survey of large-scale rapid transit systems is being conducted for gualor and Jabbar Poole.
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