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making a powerful programmable keypad for less than $30. - art pad for computer

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-13
making a powerful programmable keypad for less than $30.  -  art pad for computer
Like X-
Key programmable keyboard is a great companion for anyone using a hot keyboard
Heavy software like PhotoShop.
They allow you to put all the hotkeys on a small board with labels and just press the button to activate any macros or keys programmed into the software.
But these products cost more than $100.
Even the 00 of the basic model.
If you live overseas, the import cost and the dollar exchange rate will inflate the price and make the product too expensive.
You can create your own custom macro keyboard with basic USB digital keyboard at less cost.
You can get these on ebay for less than $10.
I am making a pad for PhotoShop.
I created a paper draft layout to decide what features I need and where they should be.
You can also do this easily in Excel.
Focus on this part so you don't have to rip off the tag and do it again because you forgot a function.
Google Images search for every feature you want.
I used terms like "fill bucket icon" and "brush icon.
At no time will you have a collection of all the buttons.
This part is hard for you to create if you don't have photoshop, so I have attached a pre-
Paper made of A4 paper at a speed of 300 dpi can be used for keys up to 13mm high and 12mm wide.
Printing full size in native dpi will cause the label to be properly sized.
Print a test tab paper and cut a tab to make sure it fits perfectly with your key.
When you are satisfied with the correct printing of labels, print a new sheet of paper and cover each line of labels with tape.
The tape will provide a durable surface to press and protect the label.
The best tape in this regard is the invisible tape, which is often marketed to be able to write on non-reflective and intangible tapes. Normal tape (
Cheap shiny things)
Because it turns yellow and peeling over time.
There is no problem with the invisible tape.
Use your nails and rub hard on the tape to make it stick correctly.
When you do that, you see black people getting darker.
Carefully cut the label using a ruler and blade.
Scissors can be used, but they are difficult to do.
Note: laser printer is used for my label;
I'm not sure how the ink will react to the glue.
I'm sure it will be good, but if the results are not satisfactory, bring your image files to your local print shop and have them print for you.
You can also choose to have them laminate the page for you instead of tape.
Print 2 sheets;
One to laminated, one not laminated, experiment.
Use the brush to apply a uniform layer of pva glue to a key and carefully place a label you cut off gently on the glue.
Position, then press.
Make a key at a time.
The Pva glue is well glued to the paper, and it will almost instantly solidify before pressing, trying to position perfectly.
You may not be able to relocate the label once pressed.
The pva layer you apply should not be too thin because the paper will soak it up.
Layers should be thin but not transparent.
If you just wet the key, the floor is too thin.
Your labels should not overlap with keys, otherwise they will fall off as they are used. See images.
The Pva glue shrinks and sets clearly, so it is OK to leave any excess part of the overflow.
When it dries, it disappears, leaving a shiny film.
You may want to seal the edge of the label by gently brushing some pva glue on the edge of each label.
Your keyboard is finished now. Next: software. . .
HID macros are the software we need to make everything work.
Is the only macro software ready to use, able to get commands from one specified keyboard while ignoring the other.
This means that when you press the numbers on the primary key disk, you can command macros with the numbers on the USB digital keyboard without activating them.
Other software may be able to do this, but this cannot be done without a lot of changes and reading to the forum.
The HID macro was designed specifically for this purpose and it performed the task perfectly.
Attached to this page is an installation that can be used with photoshop macros that map to the labels shown in these photos.
You can use it as a guide.
This software can be run without installation.
Just download the ZIP file, decompress it and move the folder to the location you selected.
The folder recommended to put in is the C: \ Program file. Right-
Click the program and send to desktop to create a shortcut.
Insert the keyboard first and then start the HIDmacros. (
Note: If you make an error when starting the software, please follow the guide later in this teaching. )
For this example, when the letter B is pressed, I will program the 7 th key on my pad to send, which is the keyboard shortcut for the brush in Photoshop.
For more information about the instructions below, please refer to the screenshot above.
Click new and type the name for the new command.
I typed the word Brush out.
Now, click the scan button in HIDmacros and press the button on the keyboard to program.
Key 7.
HIDmacros now knows what buttons to program and from which particular keyboard to program.
Now you can specify the action by selecting send keyboard sequence and typing the letter B in the text box.
Click Save configuration and you can now test the macro.
Whenever you press 7 on your Directory, the computer should type the letter B in any application.
Note: HIDmacros is not app specific.
To do this, a simple solution is needed.
This will be detailed later in the teaching.
HIDmacros can tell you which keyboard you want and store different macros for each device.
If keyboard devices are added or removed, macros may be moved to another device as you wish.
It's impossible, but it can happen.
Don't worry though, you can easily transfer macros from one device to another.
See the screenshot above.
The device list tells you the number of macros associated with each device.
Click the device with the macro, then click move macro, and then select the device you want to move the macro.
If you are not sure which device your digital keyboard is, click the macro tab and press any key on the keyboard, and the test area will tell you which device it is.
Don't panic if it says your keyboard is a mouse, it may happen.
If you encounter an error message the first time you start the software, try right-clicking the program, then clicking troubleshoot compatibility and following windows's advice.
I run Windows 8.
There was a problem with the first run.
Everything is OK after following the above instructions.
For example, you can add the modifier key to the macro to simulate Ctrl S.
Please refer to the help file in the HID macro, which has a complete list of commands such. . .
+ = Shift = Control % = Alt & = TabYou can even program mouse movement.
For more information on this page book (like any)
Features a digital lock that allows you to change 10 keys.
You can use this to add another 10 macros to the pad.
I use this feature so I can use the same button function under another program.
You have to strategically place your label to take advantage of this by placing it on one of these 10 keys, like a brush.
Both PhotoShop and ArtRage have Brush tools, but use different hot tools
The active key.
So I put the common tools for two programs on 10 keys so that in Photoshop I can open the Number Lock and close the number lock.
Alternatively, you can keep multiple installations of HIDmacros and program each different program. Make a copy of the HIDmacros program folder and mark each folder for each program and
Also: your directory may have the "000" key.
This key will simulate any macro you assign to the 0 key and press it 3 times quickly.
I have assigned undo to key 0, so press 000 to activate undo 3 times, which can be useful.
That's why it says another undo tag with 3x on it.
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