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making the most of facebook live for your business - tablets you can draw on

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-10
making the most of facebook live for your business  -  tablets you can draw on
Facebook Live is a free streaming tool that you can use to boost your business.
But there are some key factors that need to be considered before you dive into it to avoid losing your credibility.
Facebook Live is a great way to get the participation Facebook wants on your business page with their latest algorithm updates.
As long as you are ready, you will get more influence and higher views than the videos uploaded locally.
Remember, you are alive when you are alive!
Did you make the best impression on your Facebook followers?
With Facebook Live, you just need a 4g or better internet connection, a Facebook profile for yourself or your business page, and you can take advantage of the free Live broadcast for up to 4 hours.
It's not hard to set these up, but with the number of new live streams per hour, you'll need to process your videos in order to attract users.
Keep reading and find out what you need in order to attract your followers in the next live broadcast.
Step 1: Post a message on Facebook live to remind your followers of your live stream, but only if it is posted.
Unless you catch them when they're free, you'll rely on your timing to get people to join you on live.
To make sure your followers know in advance, it is important to post posts announcing upcoming live events.
But you can do more.
Sendcalendar is a service that allows you to build real-time schedules that you can then share with followers.
Before you simply set the date, provide that you know your schedule and the system will create everything you need to share your calendar in your email, website or blog or social media posts.
Once users subscribe, they will be notified in advance of the upcoming stream so they can plan to participate.
Whatever calendar your followers usually use, it's easy to use and update seamlessly.
You can also arrange your live stream in the Facebook live admin area;
However, you need to use a 3rd-party Livestream software such as eCamm (for Mac’s)or BeLive. tv (for PC’s)
Or other similar services.
Step 2: Learn about your video, how you broadcast is as important as what you are talking about on the radio.
Do you have a home studio?
Are you going to broadcast on your phone, iPad or computer?
It's nice if you have a studio, but not everyone has it, that's understandable.
Having a dedicated studio space can help you organize and really "stage" your set so it doesn't have background clutter and noise to give you the best control over the video environment.
Now, consider the final product if you go live via your phone or iPad.
Make sure you test everything in advance.
A couple of times I got caught up with bad audio or lights, assuming everything was OK, but then found them far away from me!
So make sure you don't experience slow Internet signals, distracting background noise, or any other issues that are out of your control.
We will introduce more in step 4.
Step 3: It is very important to clarify your video description.
When you write a description before going live, it is very clear about the topic and what will be discussed/presented.
Always think from a benefit perspective-why would your followers want to jump?
What are the benefits for them?
This is your chance to grab a potential audience and review the live broadcast announced, so take the time to keep it concise, clear and catchy!
If you don't know why they are joining you, they will ignore you.
Step 4: When you are live, you are live, preparing for your Facebook live stream!
If you are not prepared to leave while the camera rolls, the viewer who cleans up the calendar to watch your video will not stay for too long.
Take this aspect seriously because this isit or break-
This is the moment you live.
Imagine that in the news broadcast the feed was delayed and when the situation was resolved, the host sat there and asked for patience.
This critical moment will not only lose the audience, but also the audience of all future videos.
Prepare a script with a short form note and use it as your own guide.
I often use sticky notes attached to the camera lens to keep track of the pointers I want to keep in mind.
If you have a tablet at hand, you can even use it as a nominator for themes, notes, or scripts in large fonts.
Promptsmart is an app you can also use, but we will save more advanced broadcast technology at another time!
Step 5: It might be great to review and modify your video, but for the biggest ratings it doesn't start at the best time, or it may have come into contact with more than you think
It is important to focus on the metrics available to Facebook and use them as feedback for future live broadcasts.
Go to the Facebook page you broadcast and click on Insights.
Click on the video from there and then select the video statistics you want to view.
If you want to check a single video metric, select insight, then advanced, and then live for recording ".
You can pick your videos from there and really delve into the analysis of who watched and when.
But be careful when you see a lot of 10-second views.
Sometimes people are interrupted by your broadcast due to limited bandwidth and start over.
So, look at the stats and give you an overview of broadcast performance, but don't overstate the numbers.
There are a lot of variables that make up these numbers that you can't control.
Peak Live Viewers is a message that deserves attention.
This will show you the most time your stream is viewed, and if you see a big peak, then consider that this time is a good start time for your next video.
Remember, it's not your schedule, it's your followers.
When you plan to start the next live broadcast during peak hours!
This month we will focus on Facebook, and next week we will discuss the best way to modify and refine: user engagement.
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