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mantua's tomlin school opens new stem classroom - smart board parts

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-29
mantua\'s tomlin school opens new stem classroom  -  smart board parts
More than 75 students and parents of J.
Mantuahead's Mason Tomlin school returned to the classroom on Monday night to launch the school's new science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)classroom.
The lab, which provides space for group projects, smart boards and two 3D printers, will allow hands-on operations for students in grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6
Science project.
The idea of the lab goes back to the time that computer science teacher Meredith Martin started attending the STEM Conference for at least three years.
"It has to do with everything I'm looking for in math and science," Martin said . ".
"It requires what they are learning and making it a reality --world projects.
"Classrooms mainly use materials and technologies that schools already own or donate, starting and running for only about $7,000.
To the knowledge of Mantua management, this is the first primary school STEM laboratory in Gloucester County.
The open house has several tables where students and their families can try a demo similar to the new classroom that opens this week.
On a table, students were asked to build a structure with chewing gum and toothpicks.
In another place, the children lit up the Christmas lights with nine lights.
Opposite the room, their classmates built the tower with uncooked pasta and marshmallow.
At the same time, a 3D printer worked in the corner and slowly made a small plastic statue of an octopus.
"They made a connection between what they read and what they saw in the action," Martin said . ".
The lab is part of a larger initiative in the region to introduce students to early mathematics and science.
650 students at Tomlin and third-grade students in the region all use a school
The Chromebook laptop was released for their study.
The project also aims to reach young girls and encourage more women to join the engineering and science fields.
"I think it's great as a woman," said Susan Mammoccio, whose daughter Olivia is in the fifth grade at Tomlin.
"I like the stimulation of my daughter's brain.
The challenge part is my favorite.
They had a good time.
I wish they had this when I was at school.
"There are a lot of interesting activities here," Olivia said . " Her favorite subject is mathematics.
"I like chewing gum drops so far.
I like electronic parts. It's fun.
James Miller, sixth
Grade students who are interested in science are making an electronic buzzer.
"I haven't used a 3D printer yet, but when I use a 3D printer, I know it will be my favorite part," he said . ".
"I can build a Star Wars character.
James said he was looking forward to attending classes in the lab.
"You can do all kinds of things with all kinds of different types of technology," he said . ".
"I think this will be the favorite place for everyone this year.
"Just as happy as President Bob fiscaro saw the lab, he said he attributed most of the students' enthusiasm to their teacher's work.
"These are great tools, but magic happens in the work of our dedicated teachers," he said . ".
"You see the integration of STEM in a state --of-the-
The art lab for our students, but I always tell people that the work you do brings magic.
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