marcus smart upgraded to questionable for celtics-bucks game 4 - smart-ITATOUCH-img

marcus smart upgraded to questionable for celtics-bucks game 4 - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-17
marcus smart upgraded to questionable for celtics-bucks game 4  -  smart
Celtic point guard Marcus Smart is likely to be back in Game 4 on Monday night after being missed by a partially torn oblique muscle for four weeks
Playoff series against Milwaukee Bucks.
Smart was officially listed as a suspicious player and played 3-on-3 —but not 5-on-5 —
After being approved for contact on Saturday.
He pointed out that his body "reacted very well" to the impact on his left hip and even felt good after an unexpected charge.
Smart also said he was able to fully participate in the practice on Sunday because it was "true light ".
"The box has been checked and I take one day at a time, but I am absolutely in the right position and in the right stages of development and I am very close to getting back here, "He told reporters after an internship at the center.
Coach Brad Stevens says the availability of Smart in Game 4 depends on Smart and trainers.
Smart doesn't do this or that because it sounds like his state is entirely up to how he feels on Monday.
The Celtics did not plan to do morning shooting training before 7 p. m. tip-off.
"If I suffer in any way, it's definitely not," Smart said . ".
If Smart is active, he may wear some kind of padding.
"I stopped wearing pads a long time ago, but I think I have to put them on again to protect myself," he said . ".
Smart could be in 4-to five-minute bursts.
Before the injury, 25-year-Average 28 old.
9 minutes as a member of the starting lineup.
"Whenever he is free, he affects the game, whether it's a few minutes or a long time," Stevens said . ".
"We will definitely use him and we will be happy when we bring him back.
Smart says he wants to contribute through his energy and games. making ability.
His defensive strength will definitely provide a boost, while his ball
The handling skills of point guard Carey Owen and Terry Roze will allow him to play as a substituteball threats.
"It's exciting," Owen said . "
"He's part of our team.
It takes a lot of different stress off the whole game and makes my work easier.
It's always positive as long as you have the possibility that he will come back.
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