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meet your candidates for the west tamar council election - what's a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-20
meet your candidates for the west tamar council election  -  what's a smart board
Every candidate who is required to run in the local government elections of the sitamar Council provides our readers with statements about themselves.
22 candidates in the West Tamar parliamentary elections run for nine MPs.
I'm a search for a new
Elected member and deputy mayor.
I married four grandchildren and lived in this area for 30 years.
I will continue to provide full time delegates and will work to ensure that the Council provides the necessary services such as good roads, sidewalks and community infrastructure that support the needs of taxpayers.
I will encourage the Council to continue to seek opportunities to share resources with other councils in order to keep your rates at a minimum.
I will continue to represent your views with integrity and honesty to ensure that the council's decision-making is transparent.
I will encourage the new council to continue its work in the long term
Regular capital budget.
I am not a member of the question and have a broad understanding of all aspects of the Council and the role of the community.
My role in community organizations shows my commitment and love for sitamar.
Interesting fact: I have worked with street children, community development and health education before.
I am the owner of Tamar Valley Hazelnuts, a small business in Glengarry, and I am the mother of two primary school-age children.
I have been a member for seven years, and I am the president of the Tamar Valley farm association, organizing the farm festival.
I became a member in 2011 because I wanted to contribute to the management of our local assets and have a say in our interest rate expenditures.
In the Council, I have been working on transparency in governance, financial accountability, and open and honest debates.
I am focused on improving the condition of our gravel roads, continuing to develop the entertainment and community services of Legana, establishing new footpaths along the river, by promoting the commercial activities of the municipalities, strengthen community access and enjoyment of the Tamar River and promote economic prosperity in the region.
Interesting fact: I want to write a novel. I am a well-known long-
Time Tamar River activist, after touring the world with my wife Linda in Central, the little cage Liberator in Launceston, on 2002, found the river in a highly degraded state, and have been promoting the matter publicly since then.
I firmly believe that we are ruled by too many parliaments, too many politicians and too many bureaucrats, and I am passionate about the merger of parliaments, very disappointed that the proposed merger of the West Tamar and the George Town Council did not take place, which is the main reason for his participation in these elections
According to a KPMG survey, $1 per year is saved.
3 million in directs saving for taxpayers can be achieved through such a merger and would like to know if the neighboring Council such as Launceston, Dorset and Meander are included in this combination, also
If elected, I will seek a merger of the Council.
For the first time I became a candidate for a local government, not only was it challenged by individuals, but it also changed my life.
While I am focused on seeing the community as a whole thrive, I am particularly passionate about our youth and strive to ensure that our council decisions focus on achieving the best results for the people we serve.
People should vote for me because I understand the value of having an effective Committee and the responsibility that comes with the role of the member.
My main priority is to keep our interest rates low, the smart development of Legana, including the new school, and continue to provide quality service.
It is essential to maintain the effectiveness of local councils like sitamar, so please make sure you have a say and vote.
Interesting facts: in my spare time, I am the porter, taxi driver and roadie of the Ferguson music trio, they are my younger son and you may have seen them near Launceston
I am a proud advocate of our community.
My husband Nathan and I live by the river. year-old son Archie.
Nathan runs a small business and I am the organizer of the community and public sector unions.
I work every day to improve the life of Tasman people.
I am a member of the board of directors of the Tasmania State Children's Health Association, the chairman of the Laurel House, and I am the secretary of the Tasmania State Children's Health Association.
My priority is a safe community with great facilities, improved street lighting, well maintained sidewalks and good roads.
I will seek to improve transparency in decision-making and real community consultation, as we should provide input on where and how taxpayers' money is spent.
At the same time, I will also support our local products and tourism potential to make the most of the tourist economy.
This will help the development of our local enterprises.
I have a young family under the age of 30 and live in sitamar and I understand the need to plan for the future now.
Sitamar is an amazing place, at a stage of huge growth.
I was born and raised in tazhou, left to join the Army after graduation, then came back after I was discharged from the hospital on 2012 and came back to continue to play my role as an active member of our community.
I am a soldier, a small business owner, in various roles in the government, not-for-
Make profits in private businesses and continue to volunteer in a range of organizations in our community.
Due to my strong conservative and family values, I believe that lower interest rates, less government intervention, equality of opportunity rather than equality of results, we need to encourage business and development within municipalities.
I have been promoting weekly garbage collection, better roads, more and better entertainment to facilitate our community and the community as a whole.
For the past four years, my role as mayor and member of parliament has been to provide community health, safety and welfare, to represent and promote the best interests of the community, to ensure order and good governance.
It is an honor to lead a committee that has been so highly valued in a level 3 government, a committee dedicated to open dialogue with its community and focused on providing taxpayers with the highest standards of service. If re-
After being elected, I will try to make sure that this continues, and as I did last time, I will make a full time commitment to this role.
I now ask you to proceed with your vote.
I asked the voters to elect me as a second member of parliament, and this time as a deputy mayor.
I now have experience in this role and get involved in the mayor's work when needed.
I have the ability and energy to invest as much time as I can in my work.
Before I became a member of Parliament, I created the emergency warning lights Company dangerous system.
When I sold it in 2003, it hired 50 locals.
My engineering background is also useful in dealing with the council's infrastructure issues.
I am passionate about the recycling of Legana and the development of community facilities.
It is growing fast and the shopping center is busy, but now it also needs new community facilities.
Rural areas in sitamar have always had a strong sense of community, which is important to be encouraged in Legana.
As a retired magistrate and coroner, as well as a member of the Australian Association of Directors of companies, I believe I have extensive experience in dealing with people. I have high-
Concept and analytical skill level, ability to make correct judgment
Cultivating communication skills can stimulate confidence, stimulate enthusiasm, unite the team and achieve common goals.
I am an approachable person, an excellent listener, someone who wants to see the municipalities reach their full potential.
More needs to be done in terms of our roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, attracting investment and further development.
I think there are areas where more investment is needed: tourism, the needs of young people and the elderly, parks and entertainment areas, the needs of smaller communities, and so on.
I am proud to help our council shift from roads, rates and garbage to choosing to be a major partner in building a vibrant community of West Tamar.
Accept it as an important role as an advocate for our community if needed.
I am pleased to take the lead in establishing community service functions in the Council from the very beginning and to be a member of our Youth Advisory Committee.
As part of the work of our council, the lives of thousands of children and young people are going on.
From vaccination to sports clubs, to youth activities, to advocacy for our schools-recognizing these connections and building on them is a good goal for all of us.
I am currently involved in the Launceston life-saving club, the Tamar Sea Rescue, the heather hall committee, the Australian Tennis Association and the Australian Surf Life-Saving Association.
I am a lifelong member of Launceston life saving club, surf life saving Tower state and Surf Life Saving Australia.
Former Secretary of Beaconsfield hospital, business manager of Launceston General Hospital, budget officer, media consultant.
Former Australian Surfing Life-Saving director, president of the Australian Surfing Life-Saving Association, Australian National Surfing boat referee, Australian Open referee north Tasmania Tennis Association president, Riverside Primary School Association president.
During the federal Parliament, I am a member of the Speaker's panel, chair of the Economic Committee of the caucus, chair of the parliamentary committee on procedures for Health and Ageing;
Committee of Privileges on agriculture, forestry, fisheries and Parliament.
I am eager to see the completion of the Legana program, the State and State Council joint recreational facilities, Beauty Point Program, Exeter and grafley Beach program.
The reason that the voters of the West Tamar voted for me was the change.
I believe to develop the business without compromising the feeling of the region, and if elected, I will develop the region in West Tamar for 40 years.
While running a campaign in sitamar, most people don't seem to be able to name or describe any candidate for something they 've done before.
With a small business background, I want to make sure that the people who elected me see what is going on and promote tourism and SEO for all businesses registered in sitamar, how I got involved, and what will happen in the future.
My name is Marcus Patti, an honest family man from Legana who believes in getting things right.
I am currently working on disability and suicide prevention.
I decided to attend the Council because I was not happy with Legana's facilities because they have not improved much for the children since I was a year old.
I have always enjoyed volunteering for my community through local community groups, neighborhood relationships, committees and sports clubs.
I think our council can do better with more facilities that everyone can use.
The Tamar River has more potential.
This is a particularly livable place and I am committed to working hard for all residents.
Please take action to vote for this election.
After living at the company, during those years of working at our national airline, I now have a local bed and breakfast in sitamar.
This is a great place to live and I find myself talking and listening to people often about their beautiful places and how to attract more visitors to the northern part of the state and the Tamar Valley.
I was involved in creating a small business group and visited the cruise ship at the Beauty Point in January.
I am passionate about sustainable tourism and help small businesses stay alive in the seasonal areas of the state.
I was talking about the conversation so now I decided to walk to the meeting.
Vote for me and I will do my best to achieve a win-win result and trade fairly at any time.
I have been a member of sitamar since 2007, including as deputy mayor.
I grew up in Exeter in the orchard of my home and went to Exeter Elementary School and Riverside High School.
My family has two grown-up children. we all live by the river.
I did your caregiver at Beaconsfield, a police officer in Exeter, and owned a farm in Flowery Gully-a real local.
That's why I joined the Council so that I can have an impact on the future direction of our beautiful region.
I want to continue to provide our young people with areas that come together in a safe environment and support our older people to stay at home longer.
I encourage sports as a healthy lifestyle and would like to continue in the outdoor recreation areas of Gravelly Beach, Greens Beach and beauty spots.
We are one of the best economic health committees in the state due to good decision making, and I want to make sure that this continues.
I am a proud local who has lived in Green Beach for many years.
Radio announcer in Melbourne 3uz as assistant manager for 17 years.
Worked in Brisbane, Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne.
In addition, there are 34 properties involved in housing.
I am a qualified realtor but am retiring soon.
In recent years, I have put the beach together with the green holiday apartment and have worked to promote my father's AIF brigade No 2/40 as a prisoner of war Railway in Myanmar and a Japanese detainee.
As a son, I was shocked by things that have never been told and started doing something to gain local recognition of these people.
Educated at Exeter Elementary School, Riverside High School, Launceston College, and the University of tazhou.
Working in agriculture on a daily basis and concerned about the state government's decision to stop monitoring the level of pesticides and herbicides in the tas man river in October 2014.
Organophospate herbicide destroys brain function.
This is a serious issue and I would like the parliament to consider and widely promote their list of prohibited spraying so that residents can say if they want the parliament to spray the herbicide outside their house.
Sitamar uses autumn and spring herbicides that last for months.
Save money for Parliament, but what is the cost of community public health? Swan Point low-
Over the past four years, the incidence and mortality rates of people lying on the peninsula and their pets have been very high.
Tasman's health department has been notified, but it does not seem to be interested.
I grew up in Launceston in the 1970s s and moved to the mainland for further study.
I often visit my father until I return permanently in 2015 to take care of my elderly father.
His death last year gave me the opportunity to contribute to my community.
I am non-aligned. there is no problem to push.
In addition to the traditional business of the Council, I believe that the WTC can play an active role in strengthening a range of businesses and activities in our local community, and I will assist in this regard.
I value the protection of our architecture and the natural environment and believe that the role of the Council is to balance the needs of all stakeholders carefully and openly.
I will support council mergers where the financial and cultural interests of taxpayers are evident if the community supports them.
I am a proud resident of sitamar, and I am passionate about sitamar as a region, its inhabitants and business community.
I grew up in sitamar and owned my own business in the area.
So I invested a lot of money in sitamar.
As an elected member of the sitamar Council, I have seven years of experience and I am passionate about representing the community, listening and responding to the concerns I have raised and being part of the council team.
I think it's time for me to take a bigger lead.
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