mg park will get smart touch soon | hubballi news - times of india - smart touch table-ITATOUCH-im

mg park will get smart touch soon | hubballi news - times of india - smart touch table

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-18
mg park will get smart touch soon | hubballi news - times of india  -  smart touch table
Hub balli: according to the smart city project, the MG Park in the city will be developed soon at a cost of Rs 13. 5 crore. A Mangaluru-
The company at the head office has received the contract and is expected to start work within a week.
There were several complaints about the deterioration of the park.
Morning and evening walkers and elected delegates also asked the authorities to protect the green plants and upgrade the Indira Gandhi glass house, ice rink and other facilities in the park.
Despite several protests, the authorities only carried out minor repairs.
Eventually, the authorities decided to develop MG Park under the Smart City project.
A project report on this issue was prepared and approved by the technical committee.
All procedures have been completed and work is expected to begin in a week.
S. H. Naregal, special officer at Hubballi
Dharwad Smart City Limited told TOI that the bidding process for the development of MG Park has been completed.
In addition to the toy train, Indira glass house and fountain, all other aspects of the park will be developed for a price of Rs 13. 5 crore.
He said that the bidding for other projects will fluctuate in the future.
We have asked the construction company to start the renovation and restructuring of MG Park by January 20, he added.
Upgrade the ice rink, repair and design the road, build the open gym, play area for children, sensory garden, signboard, trash bin, efficient lighting, ample parking space, good circulation, there are clear main entrances and sign plates between the transition, the pond, Naregal said, and the use of efficient irrigation systems and dry plants is some of the notable features of the project.
The park will be redesigned so that different people with disabilities can also enter the park.
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