microsoft launches surface pro 3, a tablet that can ‘replace laptop’ - tablet and pen-ITATOUCH-img

microsoft launches surface pro 3, a tablet that can ‘replace laptop’ - tablet and pen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-16
microsoft launches surface pro 3, a tablet that can ‘replace laptop’  -  tablet and pen
New Delhi: Microsoft launched Surface Pro 3 at an event in New York on Tuesday.
The company says the device has successfully combined the best products in tablets and laptops in one gadget.
Panos Panay, vice president of Microsoft Surface, said: "So many people carry laptops and tablets, but in fact only want a device that serves all purposes . ".
"Surface Pro 3 is a tablet that can replace a laptop --
Pack all the performance of the full power laptop into thin, light, beautifully designed equipment.
With the Intel Core I processor, the Surface Pro 3 is available in a variety of configurations.
The Core i3 processor and 64 gb of internal storage for this basic model cost $799.
Even though the tablet uses a Core I processor, it's cool to run.
Microsoft claims it is the thinnest (9. 1mm)
Devices with Core I processors.
"The product we announced today has been in production for three years.
To make it light and powerful is a huge challenge-in part because the power processor of power Surface Pro 3 needs to cool down . . . . . . We have invented a new fan technology that is 30% more efficient than previous solutions.
The new thinner fan cools down a series of wings placed around it, rather than draining the exhaust gas through the passage.
"Without creating space for this channel, you can make the Surface Pro 3 thinner without sacrificing performance," Panay said . ".
Surface Pro 3 will be available in the US and Canada in June 20.
India's supply will expand to 26 other countries by the end of August, but India is not one of them.
Microsoft has not yet launched its Surface tablet in India.
Surface Pro will likely not enter the Indian market soon in May 3.
Amrish Goyal, head of Windows at Microsoft India, told TOI earlier that the company thought the Surface tablet was too expensive for the Indian market.
He revealed that in India, Microsoft no longer focuses on Surface tablets, but on lower-priced tablets developed by Microsoft hardware partners such as Lenovo and Dell.
Surface Pro 3 has 12-
An inch screen with a resolution of 2160x1440 pixels.
It has an adjustable bracket, the housing is made of magnesium and weighs about 800 grams.
It has two cameras, each 5MP in front and back.
The device uses Windows 8. 1 Pro.
The tablet will also feature Core i3 or Core i7 processors.
The device has 4 gb ram in the standard configuration, but the consumer has the option to use 8 gb ram.
Again, consumers can choose models that are stored internally at 512 GB if they want.
The Surface Pro 3 fully upgraded model costs about $1,949.
Like earlier Surface tablets, Surface Pro 3 will also be compatible with some accessories.
"A new Surface accessory like an improved Surface Pro type cover will quickly turn the Surface Pro 3 from a tablet to a laptop.
The new advanced surface pen with pressure sensitivity can provide a more natural writing experience while providing a completesize USB 3.
"Port 0, microSD card reader, and Mini display port allow fast file transfer and easy connection to a range of peripherals," Microsoft said . ".
Accessories will be charged extra.
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