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microsoft needs china: 6.5% of its u.s. patents have roots there - graphics tablet with screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-16
microsoft needs china: 6.5% of its u.s. patents have roots there  -  graphics tablet with screen
When you look at Microsoft (MSFT)
Patent application for steering touch
I noticed something interesting about turning the mobile device screen into a graphic tablet for the computer.
The inventors of both listed companies are in Beijing.
This makes me wonder how much research Microsoft has done in China.
The answer is less than 10%. -
Small and important.
My conclusion is based entirely on patent application and authorized patent.
First of all, I searched the database in the United States. S.
At least one inventor of Microsoft's Patent and Trademark Office is in China.
Number is 1,173.
Microsoft has 18,085 patent applications. So Chinese-
Basic research contributed about 6.
5% of the company's patent applications.
More searches allow me to improve the results over time.
Microsoft first filed a patent in China with an inventor in 2001.
Since 2005, Microsoft has filed a total of 13,020 patent applications, including 908 inventors in China, accounting for 7%.
Since 2008, Microsoft has filed 2507 patent applications, 206, or 8.
2%. There are inventors in China.
I did not enter 2009 because it would take more than 18 months for the patent application to be made public and displayed in the database.
Then, I looked into the authorized patents that Microsoft has filed since January 1, 2001;
9,936 people.
In the same period, about 5.
7%, or 571, there are inventors in China.
Of the 262 patents granted to Microsoft since 2005, 4,022 or about 6 have been granted.
5%. There are inventors in China.
Popular live news: Tony's deadly crane collapse trophy filmed a documentary for Microsoft, the women's football World Cup, and China has obviously become an important place for research ---
This may partly explain why the company says Bing operates well in China, even if Google (GOOG)
Trying to make a "stand-off" with Chinese authorities a positive public relations move.
Bing's search share in China may be small, but Microsoft has some important reasons to make locals happy.
Image Synthesis by Eric Sherman.
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