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microsoft plans low-cost tablet line to rival ipad - digital drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-12
microsoft plans low-cost tablet line to rival ipad  -  digital drawing tablet
Microsoft Corp.
Plan to release a series of lower
In the second half of 2018, Surface tablets began selling, seeking success in Apple's cheaper device market
According to people familiar with the matter, the iPad dominates.
Microsoft tried it before.
The software giant kicked off the consumer
In 2012, with the launch of the original Surface RT, hardware-oriented push.
It was priced at $499.
After the tablet did not resonate with consumers and product reviewers, Microsoft turned to more
Expensive Surface Pro, a production line that gets steam, may help with the need for pro-Pro
Apple launched an iPad-facing device in 2015.
The new tablet will be equipped with 10-inch screens --
About as big as the standard iPad, but 12-
Inch screen used on the Surface Pro laptop line.
The new surface, which costs about $400, is rounded like an iPad, unlike the square edge of the current model.
They will also include USB-
The C connection is the first of the Surface tablets, and some of the latest smartphones are using new charging and sync standards.
Tablets are expected to be about 20% lighter than high
But battery life will be reduced by about 4 hours.
The current Surface Pro can last 13.
According to Microsoft, it charges five hours at a time. Intel Corp.
These people say they will provide the master processor and graphics chip for these devices because the plans are not public and they ask for no identity to be disclosed.
Peter Wootton, spokesman for Redmond, Washington
Microsoft declined to comment.
Microsoft has been trying to find high
The volume of surface equipment has been impacted and new options have been introduced to maintain steady growth.
In the fiscal year ended last June, the company faced a decline in sales due to the aging Surface Pro Series, and Surface revenue fell by 2%.
In the most recent quarter, Microsoft's revenue grew by 32%, indicating a new interest in Microsoft's hardware.
Apple has sold about 44 million iPads in the past four quarters, generating nearly $20 billion in revenue.
Microsoft's entire Surface hardware business earned $4.
4 billion in the same period.
According to IDC, a market research firm, Microsoft sold nearly 725,000 tablets in 2018, up 1 year on year.
Growth of 8% year on year.
By contrast, 9.
1 million iPads were sold in the same period.
Here, Apple launched a new iPad for educational users for $329.
The new cheaper surface can also attract students and teachers, as well as buying fewer schools --
A lot of expensive equipment.
Current major-
The lineup for Surface Pro starts at $799.
Microsoft has yet to finalize its plan and expects the cheapest price for the new device to hit around $400.
Like the Surface Pro, these models will not be bundled with the company's keyboard case.
Go with the lower one
Microsoft is preparing less cost devices
It is said to be an expensive version of the keyboard cover, stylus and mouse.
They say the current price of the keyboard cover is an extra $160, while the price of the new keyboard will be a little lower.
According to people familiar with the matter, the company is planning multiple models, including versions of 64 gb and 128 gb of storage and models that can be connected to LTE cellular networks.
It will continue to have stands for upright typing and watching videos.
Like the rest of Microsoft's devices, it will run Windows 10 Pro.
Since 2015, Apple has quickly added new productivity tools to the ipad, while adopting Microsoft features such as integrating with digital drafters and using multiple applications.
According to Bloomberg News last year, the company plans to release a new iPad Pro this year with iPhone X features such as facial recognition.
Microsoft recently released a device
In 2015, the cost category for Surface 3 was 10, starting at $499. 8-inch screen.
The company stopped production at the end of 2016.
The new production line will be part of the growing ecosystem of Microsoft hardware products, including Surface laptops, Surface Book laptops with removable screens, and Surface Studio desktops in addition to tablets.
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