microsoft unveils surface hub 2 digital whiteboard to inspire office teamwork - whiteboard

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-25
microsoft unveils surface hub 2 digital whiteboard to inspire office teamwork  -  whiteboard
On the face of it, digital whiteboards and video conferencing monitors designed to inspire teamwork in the workplace will not delight many of you.
However, give Microsoft some props for them to make the Surface Hub 2 Smart Display announced on Tuesday, with a promotional video with a dramatic soundtrack that looks and sounds exciting.
Enterprises can use this conference room computer to collaborate on presentations, remote video conferencing, documents, drawings, etc.
Some of you will remember the original Windows 10-
Headquartered in the 4 k Surface Hub, it was announced in early 2015 and shipped a year later.
It is north of the 20 grand and has two sizes, 55-inches and 84-inches.
Google was quick to compete with 55-
The inch digital whiteboard on the wheel, called Jamboard, costs about $5,000.
Microsoft has achieved some success on Surface Hub.
It says it has sold 25 mar markets to more than 5,000 customers, and more than half of the Fortune 100 companies have bought one.
The company has not disclosed a lot of information about the new model, nor will it disclose the price when it goes public next year.
In 2018, Microsoft is testing Surface Hub 2 with selected business partners.
What we know so far is that the resolution of the new display is 4 k.
What this means in this case is not clear. With a multi-
Measure the Touch Display at 50. 5-
Inch, Surface Hub 2 will be smaller than its predecessor, although you can also arrange four of them side by side, with different contents displayed on each panel (
Look at the video and see how it looks. )
To do this, more than one of you can log in with your own Microsoft user account at the same time, or even use a fingerprint reader.
You rotate the display so that it is in portrait or landscape mode;
The 4 k camera rotates with the device.
The Surface Hub 2 integrates a speaker and a remote microphone array, which may allow you to make voice commands across the room.
It has a typical 3 × 2 aspect ratio of the surface.
As you would expect, you can use Surface Hub 2 to get into the cloud or use it with a variety of products and services: Microsoft team, Microsoft Whiteboard (
Free digital canvas)
Office 365 and Windows 10.
It supports the use of surface pens.
Microsoftis also works with Steelcase on rolling brackets and brackets to make Surface Hub 2 more portable.
Surface Hub 2 looks promising.
How excited you might be to see one in your workplace.
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