mighty millions lottery home features theatre-size projection screen in master bedroom - draw on s

mighty millions lottery home features theatre-size projection screen in master bedroom - draw on screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-01
mighty millions lottery home features theatre-size projection screen in master bedroom  -  draw on screen
They call it your own.
Million Dollar Playhouse, they say it's much cooler than you were when you were a kid. And they —
People behind the 2016 million lotteryaren’t kidding.
After all, you know how many playrooms, including a master bedroom with windows, can be turned into the background of the theater --
Size projection screen rolling down from the ceiling, or this house is equipped with a beer faucet, there is space below to put the barrel, how about in the strike
BarSure, with an outdoor swing and slide, and an outdoor table tennis table, however, when you consider having a fully equipped gym and a custom play area ready for Xbox or PlayStation action, and when equipped with oversized, comfortable chairs, these traditional game house items
More technology-oriented things, how about the iPad?
"This lottery House is to push the envelope and do something unique," said Kevin Birkholz ,". Principal of the birkholz House, built 5,133-square-
Walk home to buy lottery tickets.
"It's very important that we want it to work.
But we also want it to be something interesting.
Located in the jagridge community in southwest Edmonton, $2. 3-
It seems that the home of millions of awards has checked all these boxes.
A modern, contemporary Two
Multi-storey house with finished strike basement, the lottery house starts with a spacious foyer that draws you to the open-
Concept Kitchen, restaurant and great room.
The kitchen is equipped with double Island and flat teak cabinets, reminiscent of a medium
The modern feeling of the century is highlighted by the wooden frame that separates it from the big room.
There is a butler's storage room, study room, laundry room and mud room outside the main floor.
Upstairs, the spacious master bedroom overlooking the Canyon offers a relaxing escape space. The spa-
Like an ensuite, its canyon views are amazing and it's easy to make you want to stay longer.
You can also find the other two bedrooms as well as the extra rooms set up as a second living/relaxation space.
The playhouse theme was fully released downstairs on strike.
The bar and adjacent family rooms are the perfect entertainment area.
Just a few steps from the hotel, the game area and the gym and two other bedrooms are waiting for you.
And a hidden room.
Down the stairs-
This provides a perfect environment for the children's play area, marking Birkholz's second consecutive year of adding this feature to the powerful millions of lottery houses.
"It's an honor to be able to work with so many people and be part of their fundraising efforts," Birkholz added . ".
Helping to support the storery Children's Hospital Foundation's lottery ticket, hoping to raise $2 million for priority projects such as improving equipment and unit space upgrades in pediatric and neonatal intensive care units.
"What people don't realize is --
For premature infants
We fund our employees and fund the training of our employees and equipment, "said Mike House, President and CEO of the Storry Children's Hospital Foundation. “Each (ICU)
Beds cost $1 million a year.
House also noted that the proceeds will not only help children in Edmonton, as Storry provides services for children from Alberta. Avery, an 11-year-
Old man from Maskwacis, with lifesaving open-
She had a heart surgery when she was a week old.
Adelaide for sevenyear-
She was from the prairie and had a heart transplant when she was six months old.
Avery and Adelaide are one of thousands of children with the help of Storley.
"We helped 300 children in just one month," House added . ".
"That's why this draw is so important.
The second edition of the MIGHTY million lottery offers 2,405 awards worth more than $3.
1 million vehicles including vehicles, holidays and electronics.
Lottery House Details: Howatt Drive SW 695 in the Jagare Ridge community with 3 hours of viewingm. to 8 p. m.
From Monday to Thursday, from noon to 5. m.
Weekends and holidays
The home is closed on Friday.
Tickets: $100 each, $250 for three, $375 for five and $500 for eight. Take 50 Add-
On: $10 per ticket, $25 5, $50 15.
Cash calendar
During January 2017, there was an opportunity to win $5,000 a day, and the amount on Friday increased to $25,000.
$20 for each ticket, $50 for three tickets and $75 for six tickets.
Lottery Date: bonus lottery Time: October 11;
Lucky draw for early birds: November 24; Take 50 Add-
Drawing lots: December 12;
Cash calendar
Drawing lots: December 13;
Last Draw: December 15.
Please note that the ticket purchase deadline is earlier than the actual draw date.
Purchase tickets: Order online at www.
Maybe a millionaire. com, call 1-855-505-
4800, or buy tickets in person at different locations in Edmonton, including the storys children's store at The Storys Children's Hospital.
Calculated by number: 30-20161
The chance to win in the main lottery. 2 —
The number of people who can travel to Malone Brando's private island on Tahiti-
Part of the early bird award package. 2 —Lower-
Edmonton Oil Company 2016 club seats-
2017 regular season-
Part of the bonus reward package. 10 —
TV, multimedia, or projection screens for Grand Prize families. 100,000 —
Cash, in addition to the home of the lottery, also awarded the winner of the grand prize. 215,000 —
On 2015, I went to the stori Children's Hospital.
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