‘minions’ is now july’s biggest film here’s why the little guys are visually addictive - cintiq dr

‘minions’ is now july’s biggest film. here’s why the little guys are visually addictive. - cintiq drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-03
‘minions’ is now july’s biggest film. here’s why the little guys are visually addictive.  -  cintiq drawing tablet
Walking through a market with a teenager is to have a new perspective on the brilliance of visual effects.
Children can be wider.
Anything of any color should be fixed on your eyes.
Saturated and bright, and many adults turn a blind eye to anything that distracts the efficiency of the list.
But as a teenager, seeing both happy eyes and problematic eyes so quickly means enlarging the fluorescence --
Illuminate the channel of the graphics overload and find the clues that the world really works.
The recent day concluded that the creators and brand owners of the Minions characters are evil geniuses. On drinks. On cartons.
Even on apple sauce.
Even if you are not a filmmaker, you can infer from the consumer packaging of a country: as the ubiquitous Pitman, that is, the use of nonsense sales, the Minions also have pop musicculture moment.
These creaking sounds
Of course, eye creatures have been popular since the launch of the "Mean Me" series a few years ago.
Earlier this month, as expected, the spin-off, Minions, won its first weekend with a huge premiere.
But now, a few weeks later, these little yellow guys are proving to have real commercial "legs ".
In the arrival of "ants"
Man, "and the continued summer power of" Jurassic World "and" Inside and Out ", these sneaky little yellow people now seem to be officially the biggest hit of July.
Universal/lighting derivatives are the first in the United States
11th day of this month sep day 1 movie, which is unmatched by Marvel or universal in this movie --
The film did not show until July. third done.
Within a few days from now, the "little yellow man" has a domestic income of nearly $270.
Million, will go through Pixar's "Monster Company
"To be one of the top --
According to Mojo at the box office, there have been 10 animated films in history.
In addition, globally, the "Minions" have won overseas over the past three weekends, more than threequarters-of-a-
Billions of Mark.
This has put it out of the top 50 movies. time (
Inflation not adjusted).
In other words, the "little yellow man" should be at least close to its 2013 ex "Despicable Me 2"25 all-
Time, in one billion. dollar take.
So, what are these minions that make them so irresistible globally: are they short in shape?
Their language quirks and (often-nonsensical)fast patter?
Can we find clues and clues from their bright shades?
The short answer is: yes, for the three.
The quick takeaway: If you want to create a very popular character, you might just want to think about the three features. And here’s why.
Of course, the history of cartoons is filled with characters who comply with this bill, usually animals that comply with the bill, including Tweety Bird and Woodstock-small, canary-
We cannot remove our eyes from the yellow creatures.
When you consider that Mickey Dugan of Richard OTU, the first superstar character of the American funny page, was actually nicknamed a yellow child before about 120 (
Therefore, the word "yellow News" was born because custody of apartment tyke is shared between Bridgestone and Hearst)
You will realize that these minions are chattering in a long industry --
Yellow ancestor line
Jacket riders.
But what is the secret sauce in this traditional delicious mix?
Well, one key thing is to consider the level of yellow.
Unlike darker, more melancholy, or more angry colors --
Often reflect innocence.
Exhibit A: Baby sponge.
"SpongeBob is completely innocent --
Stephen Hillenburg, his creator, once told me, "it's not an idiot . ".
"SpongeBob never fully realized how stupid [friend]
Patrick is, they're in trouble-
This is the source of humor.
"The rules are: follow naive and avoid hot topics [humor].
"This character feature is very easy to identify, which also helps Why SpongeBob travels well in other cultures and is very popular overseas.
"This is because of its simplicity," Hillenberg told The Post's comedy section . ".
"Everyone recognizes the character of the child.
. . . . . . It is generally understood that --
It's a physical comedy, you can understand.
"All the yellow purity hidden in a small package can also give irresistible cuteness, whether it's the" kawaii "quality of Pikachu or Charles" Sparky "Schulz.
"Of course Vince guaradi wrote the song 'bird '-
He sang the song on our show.
Lee Mendelssohn, the award-winning "peanut" producer, told me that about a worried bird that looks fragile, it has a loud voice because it can't fly well.
"Sparky thinks the lyrics capture the spirit of Woodstock.
And then Woodstock's "chicken-
This is the most recent conversation.
The great animator, Bill Melendes, "dubbed" like Snoopy ". (
The tracks recorded by Melendez will be used again for the November feature film peanut film. ”)
Schulz "once told me that he wanted to know [whether]
All the noise from birds is the real "language", so maybe that's what birds think.
Recently, another gold
Hued cartoon animals have achieved great success on both the screen and on the page: Jack the dog in Pendleton Ward's Adventure Time.
Steve Conley from the Washington area said: "Jack, this dog is very well designed
A prosperous cartoonist!
"Adventure Time" comic studio told me.
"His face is just a few simple shapes, and he is a bright golden --yellow.
"These features help artists and animators gain more freedom when painting him," Conley continued . " (“Bloop”).
"We can stretch and twist him in countless different ways, and this strange combination of facial features and vibrant colors always makes the audience know it's Jack.
From friendly size to Fun Size
It sounds like many of the attributes of these characters now naturally play the agile pop of minions.
"I think they work on many levels: naughty with joy, but innocent with charm, looking . . . . . . Very interesting, Steve McGarry said: "The vague French dialect they chattered adds to the appeal," he started with "mean me 2" and was taken to the ship by the lighting company for marketing --
Activity and role "kit" art, who just did a four
Working as a story artist for a month in EA game's "Minions Paradise.
McGarry did a live art presentation on his Cintiq tablet earlier this month
Con said he gave him a fairly free opportunity to render his minions.
"Different studios have their own guidelines for their story artists: Some insist that the characters represented on their story boards are rendered very accurately, while others are a bit loose, mike Gary told me.
"With the lighting, they pay more attention to the plug-in gag and storyline created by the story artist, and less attention to the faithful description of the litigation stage. ”(
"My board," he notes, "it's possible to make a difference from a 20 or 30 frame animation that is basically a primary animation, to a quick thumbnail doodle of the gag idea. ”)
But where did magic come from?
How do you render a "Minions" voice actor Jon Hamm (Jon Hamm) to the number of visually addictive drug capsules and implement-
As the franchise villain seeks
Global domination?
In other words, what a "Minions" artist must convey when depicting another small, yellow, interesting work --
The world's irresistible talker?
"Really," said McGarry cunningly, "a big yellow cake in overalls and goggles!
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