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mit glove lets wearers move virtual objects - touch screen drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-14
mit glove lets wearers move virtual objects  -  touch screen drawing tablet
The world of pinching and grabbing virtual objects in the air seems more like a "minority report" than a reality, but MIT's tether gloves may help introduce this futuristic interface.
People wearing gloves can create or move 3D objects in a shared virtual space through a handheld tablet screen. That hands-
The MIT Tangible Media Group has introduced a way to share virtual workspace.
A video from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows how people use sports
Track the glove or multi-touch tablet screen for drawing helices, creating cubes and spheres, and working together to arrange virtual objects in patterns such as ascending or descending lines.
"The system allows for capacitive touch and motion input through the display-
According to the MIT website.
"When the user's hand is placed behind the display, it extends into the virtual world, enabling the user to interact directly with the object.
"A Video example shows a person drawing a spiral on a tablet screen and moving the tablet backwards to create a 3D spiral shape in a virtual workspace.
This translates familiar 2D gestures on normal consumer devices into 3D results.
Another case shows how people wearing gloves use pinch gestures between their thumb and various fingers to grab and move virtual objects, and even stretch the corners of the virtual cube --
A line box appears around the highlighted object.
The quick touch of both fingers can also make certain objects appear or disappear.
The MIT system allows people to work side by side in the same virtual space, but can also work with remote human partners.
Still, the concept is more of an impressive technical demo than a gadget that's ready to go public --
It relies on five Wellcome cameras to track the movement of the human user's gloves and head.
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