montblanc's smart folio can translate your pen and paper notes into other languages - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-24
montblanc\'s smart folio can translate your pen and paper notes into other languages  -  digital pen and pad
The German brand, known for its premium pens, watches and leather products, is presenting an enhanced notebook and pen at IFA 2016. Real-
Can capture the pen of the real world
Sending world notes to a computer, tablet or smartphone screen is nothing new ---
Over the years, LiveScribe has managed to train a loyal group of journalists and college students who can save graffiti with smart pens and even record sound at the same time.
But what about those who have a significant responsibility for personal style and traditional craftsmanship, just like digitisation, categorization and preservation of notes and ideas, no matter where the inspiration comes from, you can go to Montblanc and as the company says.
The notebook is basically a refitted Montblanc StarWalker ballpoint pen, and an Italian leather bound notebook, also made of leather.
The company calls the system an enhanced paper, not a smart pen, as it is a smart leather folder-
This is basically a graphic tablet with a clever disguise. -
Most of the technology is hidden.
As long as you write on the letter paper with a pen, when it is on this folder, it can accurately identify the handwriting according to the company (
12 different languages)
And convert it to on-screen font.
The system does not need to be connected to a computer or other device in order to work.
Just start Joyal and it can save up to 100 pages of notes internally.
When it's time to empty the memory and start Joyal again, there's an app--
Application of Montblanc refill Center-
This can be used simply for storing and cataloging, or for sharing notes with others.
The battery will last up to eight hours and everything can be charged via a bundled USB cable.
The gadget was sold for $725 at Harrods in London. September.
However, in order to pay this fee, Montblanc will invest three ballpoint pen refills.
For those who do not live in Knightsbridge, this enhanced paper will be sold worldwide through the Montblanc boutiques and offers, starting October
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