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more companies adding video to personalize online customer service - draw on screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-30
more companies adding video to personalize online customer service  -  draw on screen
On a hot morning in July, Veronica vallehoss hurriedly chose to drive --
Through the ATM of the Vestara credit union in Moreno Valley.
She pulled down from the garage, pulled out of the window, and was surprised to find Regina's smiling face flashing on the screen.
"How can I help you today?
"Teller Regina asked vallejos before he handled the car loan payment and shared some laughter with her.
When Apple's Siri and automated voice devices like Microsoft's Cortana answer questions, customers tend to think Regina is just another video robot.
But Regina is a real teller who communicates with customers from a cubicle in an office a few feet away.
From there, Regina will eventually be able to chat with customers at any of the five branches of the entire Inland Empire in Vestara.
ATMs, tablets, smartphones and store kiosks have become the battleground for companies trying to get customers instant friendly help.
American Express, Hertz, Activision Blizzard, E-
The US trade bank and Target are launching
Click get help via video chat ".
They rely on an old adage about customer service: Despite technological advances, a real person always wins and a customer can see his smiling face.
"Usually, there are not many opportunities for tellers to have too many relationships --
Build with customers-
"It's really the money to get in and out," said Janet duhaim, chief operating officer at Vestara.
"If the interactive teller machine does this, the teller has the opportunity to talk to the customer and build and nourish the relationship.
"After finishing with Regina, valegos expressed excitement about regular video chats.
Knowing someone can see her, she says, she feels safer at an ATM.
"It's good to have that face --to-
"Face, not just hear them," she said . ". The customer-service-by-live-
Video trends began on Amazon in last September. com Inc.
The Mayday feature was launched on the Kindle tablet.
After clicking on the "Mayday" button on the Kindle screen for about 10 seconds, a video feed is loaded in the corner.
It shows a technical support consultant who can't see the user but can see what's on the screen and hear what the user says.
"They have the option to have the tech consultants tell them how to do something, show them how to do it themselves or do it for them," said Amazon spokesperson Kara Berman . ".
In a wide range of advertising campaigns, Mayday has pushed a long-term idea that permeates the minds of marketers to the forefront.
Jim Keller, ceo of Vee24, said: "This really attracts people's imagination . " Vee24 built software to integrate video chat help to apps, websites and kiosks
"Our belief is that just as Amazon helps drive fast and cheap shipping, this will be something that has to be done --
There are retailers, "Keller said.
The company that added video customer service this year said it was important to show every option, meaning workers would still answer 1-
800 calls and type in the text-
Based on the support system.
"They either always want personal touch, or just want it sometimes, or never," Vestara's DuHaime said when it comes to customers . ".
"We want to be able to meet all these needs.
Analysts who study customer service interactions say video specifically serves two frequently uncoordinated but critical consumer groups: the aging baby boomers and millennials.
A system like Mayday is a "life-
Dan Miller, a senior analyst at Opus Research, said, "This gives the older generation an alternative to asking for help . ".
For the younger generation, social media has started --
Personalized help becomes a kind of expectation.
Three years ago, 45% of customers called when they needed help from game maker Activision Blizzard.
And 55% read the help page online.
Since then, the number of support queries via Twitter and other online social networks has soared to 3%, while the number of calls has dropped to 70%.
Tim Rondeau, senior director of customer service at Activision, said he expects to include video chat in its "Call" mobile app, which will be a 140-Character Post. Salesforce. com Inc.
The company's software runs a customer service database for thousands of companies and will provide video technology to Activision and 19 other companies this fall.
Online brokerage
Trade Finance Corporation
When Target is considering using video for internal support applications, I want to use video to help customers.
American Express
In February, video help was brought to its iPad app using Cisco Systems Technologies
Support Oneway and two-way video.
The credit card company took several of the highest
Phone agents, including a former actor, rated them and transferred them to the video.
They all have faces. to-
Also face sales experience.
To make sure the video is clear, their stations receive special lighting and backgrounds.
The perfect camera angle produces constant eye contact.
Like Amazon, American Express also trains agents to inject their personality into the phone.
Customer service experts see service and support as just the beginning.
Many people want Amazon to turn the Mayday agent into a shopping assistant. they can suggest which TV to buy.
Dan Dietz, e-commerce director
Business of mattress company
He says he has seen the benefits of doing so.
Sales of accessories have been booming since some customers received video services for more than three months.
The customer asked the agent to prove that the mattress protector can be waterproof.
Or they want to see how different the size of the two pillows is.
"When they are live, the interaction is more real," Dietz said . ".
Keller of Vee24 said the video helped provide 10-
The number of visitors purchased has doubled.
The average amount of expenditure also increased from $145 to $100.
"It is very unusual to see something that will have this effect on e-commerce.
"Business Performance," he said.
"That's why Amazon is investing heavily in this area.
"Small companies also have a choice. West Hollywood-
ShowKit-based technologies include the ability of agents to draw on user screens, bringing video support to three small mobile applications.
Liu Huiqing Sipchen, a display Tool Company
Demand is clear, the founder said.
When she called Apple
Seeking help using its store app over the phone, according to the phone recording, the agent said she recovered her personal iPad in order to be able to see what Sipchen was asking.
"Even agents realize that our technology will be very helpful," Sipchen said . ". NCR Corp.
This makes the powerful interactive teller machine used by Vestara, which has produced video terminals for 100 companies including Hertz.
Location of car rental and Bank of America.
These kiosks allow the cost of these businesses-
Effectively keep it longer than usual and at low
Traffic areas, because they eliminate the need to wait for customers at a particular location, while another area may be overwhelmed.
Vestara expects to save $2 million in 10 years by using video ATMs and moving some tellers to other positions.
Some customers avoid new machines and traditional tellers.
But Eric Sheller, on the river, was tricked into shooting a video, and he chatted with a video teller to pay the loan for his motorcycle.
"This makes the ATM more human and it's easier to communicate with video," he said . ". paresh. dave@latimes.
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