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n.j. democrat: we will reverse smart gun law if nra plays ball - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-20
n.j. democrat: we will reverse smart gun law if nra plays ball  -  smart
In an exclusive interview with msnbc on Friday, Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg of New Jersey said that if the National Rifle Association agreed not to do so, she will come up with a bill to overturn 2002 of New Jersey's "blocking the development of smart gun technology.
New Jersey law stipulates that once a user's personalized gun-commonly known as "smart guns"-is listed anywhere in the country, New Jersey gun sellers must stop selling traditional guns within three years and instead sell only smart guns.
New Jersey law is used against the sale of smart guns.
In two different examples, including one this week, gun sellers vowed to sell Armatix iP1 digital smart guns, only under the pressure of death threats and others from those who cite New Jersey law can the situation be reversed.
"I will never buy any guns from the retailer that hurt the cause of pro 2A.
This is what these people do, "one commenter wrote on Engage Armament LLC's Facebook page that he plans to sell Armatix smart guns before backing up on Thursday night.
"Don't give them a penny.
If people who oppose New Jersey law stop selling smart guns, and if NRA agrees to stop blocking smart gun technology, she will seek to change the status quo, Mr. Winberg said.
"In practice, non-resident agencies will publicly commit to manufacturing that is out of the way, and Winberg said:" distributing or selling any firearms that are subject to technical restrictions can only be used by their owners, I will then ask the New Jersey Legislature to amend the law.
Winberg said she took that position to meet smart gun opponents "on their own land," because "they move them no matter what goals they set for you.
"I 've never been involved in a problem, and when I'm involved in something as simple as gun safety, it leads to a sharp boycott on my personal and professional level, she added.
The Armatix iP1 smart gun uses a personalized watch that must be kept within 10 inch of the gun to function properly.
Listen to "tune in with Chris Hayes" at 9 on Monday night"m.
East exclusive on Msnbc, in-
Delve into the controversy over smart guns.
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