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n.j. kids talk about what makes their school great - new smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-15
n.j. kids talk about what makes their school great  -  new smart board
We asked New Jersey students to complete the phrase "My school is the best. . .
"This is what they have to say.
My school has the best team to fall wrestling.
They are good at the sport and everyone on the team likes it.
The children in the team are very good at wrestling, and the team has won more than half of the games.
The most important thing is that the team likes the sport.
We laugh every time we practice because we have a good time.
This team is amazing and never wanted to stop wrestling in RMS!
My school has the best enrichment because, there are a few options for what you can do.
It happens in a non-study class.
Finally, teacher, madam.
Bengels, it's interesting.
There are the best teachers in my school.
They don't give a lot of homework, they are willing to help students when they need it, they make all the boring classes interesting.
For example, Sir.
Somma makes financial knowledge a very interesting and easy lesson and now it's one of my favorite lessons.
All in all, RMS has some great teachers.
Our school has the best off road team!
Our team is great because we have great coaching experience.
In order to make us run better, our coach did a good practice.
It can be hard to practice sometimes, but it will definitely make you better!
There are the best people in my school.
All the teachers and students here are very friendly and helpful.
All the teachers teach me something new every day and my friends make me smile and laugh every day.
My friends will help me with anything like my friends Greg, Andrew, Lucy and Marcelo.
My school has the best puppy!
He will become a service dog one day.
He trains at school and we sometimes see him in the hall.
When he is wearing a vest it means he is working and training and we can't pet him.
But we can touch him when he's not wearing a vest.
Sometimes we can throw the ball and he will get itl.
That's why I think I have the best school.
The nurses in my school are the best!
She took care of me.
The nurse gave me ice bags and ice bands.
AIDS and other things that help me when I get hurt.
The nurses also measure our body weight and body temperature.
She keeps the whole school healthy!
The best thing in my school is the teachers who are so kind and kind.
If you screw up on something, they always give you another chance and they always make us happy.
All the teachers will do anything to help us learn.
They will try their best to help us if you need help, and when they teach us something they always go step by step so that we can understand.
The teachers are very good.
They are kind and never mean and shout.
They always do interesting things, so we always have a smile on our faces and they always try to cheer us up if we are sad.
That's why the teacher is the best teacher in my school.
Melanie Rojas 4 th grade Takahashi Primary School, school, school, I love school!
There are the best teachers in my school.
It has the best teachers because my teachers are good and understandable from kindergarten to fourth grade.
They help me understand what I'm doing or help me get better when I get into a difficult or bad day.
Sometimes, my teacher will have a little fun in teaching!
We can even be Democrats, and it's fun!
We can also have snacks, rest for half an hour and lunch for half an hour.
Sometimes you can get snacks for free!
My teacher will give you some pretzels if you forget to eat snacks!
This is the best thing my school has!
My school has the best. . .
Teachers, there are very good teachers in my school.
My favorite teacher is my wife.
My fourth grade teacher, Hughes.
There are other good teachers at Y school, but she is my favorite.
She's really interesting.
She always lets us play brain games.
I loved it when we had a quiz on the video.
She gave a lot of extra credit sheets and I got the most points.
There is also a very good playground in my school.
We have 4 slides, a lot of swings, 2 four squares, 2 basketball rings and 1 huge grass.
I love my school!
I have the best art teacher in my school.
He is good at drawing and helps me in art class.
I especially like to use Model Magic.
I made a jungle with rhino, monkey, cheetah, tiger and lion.
My teacher asked us to work as a team, so I worked with two friends.
This is my favorite class every Wednesday.
My school has the best. . . . .
The teacher is very nice because of them.
Another reason is that the strategy they teach is very simple.
The teacher's class is very interesting.
When we do a project with food, we are allowed to eat food after doing this project.
Another reason teachers are so amazing is that they will help you when you need help until you know the answer.
My school teacher is the best teacher ever taught and no one will change my mind.
Hayley Thomson's fourth grade Takahashi primary school! School! School!
My school has the best teachers, snacks and study.
I start with my study first.
The teacher taught you a lot.
Mathematics and Science in particular.
In science, they ask you to do some experiments, such as putting batteries, wires or tin foil on the opposite side or on the front side, and then wrapping it on the bulb, which turns on.
My school has the best snacks in the cafeteria because they have ice cream, hot chocolate, cookies and more.
Good lunch ladies too.
Now the teacher has helped you a lot, especially if you are in a bad mood or you have difficulties in a certain subject.
They help you from f, d, c, B all the way to A, which will greatly improve your grades.
The teacher will also help you learn more at school.
I am very grateful to have this school!
My favorite thing about our school is physical education.
The PE class is the best because it can help you to work out.
The best part is all the different games you will find every week.
My favorite game is playing or sitting.
This game is new for this school and we like it in grade.
How to play "play" and "sit" is that you are scattered in the room, the PE teacher puts the dodge ball in the gym and you throw a ball at someone.
If the ball hits them, they sit down.
If a ball is close to you and you hit someone who is not sitting, you go back inside and they are gone.
I like this game.
We have the best talents and talented teachers in our school.
She's really nice and we 've been working on cool projects all the time.
What we are doing now is a water bottle.
We can do whatever design we want.
And she brought us 250 bugs.
We're going to put them in our fish tank.
We made a poster with the fifth grade worm farm written on it.
There are definitely the best gifted teachers in our school.
Franklin Township school my school has the best technology.
We have a new smart motherboard.
We also have iPads and computers.
We use them in games and at work.
We have a lot of technology in this school.
There are many reasons why my school has the best playground.
The most important thing is that the playground is well taken care.
In the course of the game, there is never any garbage or old leaves to hinder the game.
Also, things on rocking objects, rock walls and other playgrounds will never be too slippery or broken so you won't get hurt.
Finally, the playground bench is covered with a high roof so that when you are tired and hot, you can sit in the shade and enjoy the breeze.
It's great to have such a good playground!
My school has the best teachers for many reasons.
First of all, every teacher at Tongshan school is very good.
Next, they will take the time to talk to you like friends.
Also, if you are frustrated with anything, they will give you encouragement.
No matter what, teachers don't like one student better than the other.
Fortunately, students will help them if they have difficulties.
Finally, if the student is injured, they will try their best to help him or her.
I bet you can understand why our teachers are the best!
Mason Ilania has the best teachers at grade 4 Copper Hill School.
They are very nice and helpful and helped you learn a lot.
They always smile at you in the hallway and if you need help they will help you get academic support and make learning fun by playing games.
Edington middle school my school, Edington Middle School has the best lunch options, including a dozen hot lunch options per day, salad bars, submarines and sandwiches, side snacks, drinks and even soup of the day.
My favorite RMS lunch is either pasta or cheese steak or Hungarian mushroom soup.
There are the best teachers in my school.
I love my teachers because they are so kind.
The principal is also very kind.
There are the best teachers in my school.
The best playground and the best nurse.
Carly MacIsaacGrade head of the first grade Spruce Run School because she is very good.
Because it's fun, Liam llull's first grade Spruce Run School breaks during recess.
Eli Kos first grade Spruce Run school art class, physical education class, music class, last but not least, my school has the best break time in the world.
Caroline VarelaGrade 1 Spruce Run school srs is the best school because it has amazing teachers.
You made a lot of friends. It is fun.
Jilian paseroograde Monthly Spruce Run schooollibrary.
It has many books and I am very interested in them.
Rebecca Masson first grade spruce running school physical education class.
I like it because it is very interesting.
A first-year PE teacher and break between classes in Monahan, Dallas.
Katelyn CafarellaGrade 1 spruce running school PE class.
Ben CooleySpruce runs the school gym because it's fun to play games with friends.
First grade PE teacher, friends and playground in Sophia DiLannoGrade.
Because she took care of us, the head of spruce in the first grade of Vaughan Werner.
Fu Kang VelizGrade monthly SchoolPrincipal spruce.
Gavin schoooleything MartoranaKindergartenSpruce runs!
I can play with my friends or study with my teacher.
Running time for Zion schooolchoice StadulisKindergartenSpruce!
Emily LaBruttoKindergartenSpruce running school I like Spruce running school because she is a wonderful headmistress. Goad.
To be safe, she has her own camera on the bus. I love this!
Alexa schooolchoice PecoraKindergartenSpruce run time!
Cole rose kindergarten PE teacher!
Jack ashimovic kindergarten PE teacher!
Teachers and friends of Braden ashmodich kindergarten.
I believe my school has the best friends and teachers.
Teachers and staff at Fernando LunaGrade 1 Spruce Run School because they are very friendly and very, very interesting.
Abigail Jenkin first grade Spruce Run School teacher!
Violet AttanasioGrade first grade Spruce Run School black top as it is as big as a football field and anything interesting is marked out.
Evan Schmitt's first grade spruce running school lunch!
Because it's delicious!
Joel FrancoGrade Monthly Spruce Run schooolbathrooms.
1-grade Spruce School in Alexandria-30-
My school has the best library because of interesting books.
Mia Doso, Technical Teacher of the first grade spruce running SchoolFilus.
Colin o'learygrade Monthly Spruce Run schooolart teacher and aftercare tutor.
Lilian Albayati first grade spruce running school physical education class.
John O'Brien's first grade spruce running school toy.
My school has the best bus and lunch.
First of all, the bus is clean and looks good and cool.
Next, the school lunch was also great.
The lunch aid at lunch was good.
The food is good. I like pizza best.
Finally, that's why I think my school has the best bus and lunch.
My school has the best teachers and students.
The teachers work hard and are helpful and they do their best for the students.
The students care and share with each other.
Some students even shared their toys with me.
There are the best teachers and students in Yugu.
My school has the best classes and math.
First of all, math can motivate you. that's great!
Lunch will satisfy you, it will fill your belly and then you will eat your lunch!
Then the teacher lined up for you.
That's the rest time!
You can rest indoors or outdoors.
It's time to line up!
All in all, I like the things I like at Yugu school! ! ! ! !
My school has the best teachers and students.
First of all, teachers help me with my work and when I don't focus, they help me focus by reminding me what to do.
Second, I like my friends because they are good and don't pick people.
These are the things I like about my school.
My school has the best library.
The library in my school is very big!
I use it every year to write my science paper.
My subject may fail without a library.
The reason I like the library best is because it was made by my dear teacher.
Grade Six (Our)
There are the best teachers in my school.
I know it's true for a few reasons.
Whenever a student feels that something doesn't make sense, one of the teachers will try their best to explain it to us.
For other reasons, my school has the best teachers
When I say this, other students can support me.
They love God with all their heart.
You can see God working in their lives.
Also, my teachers are the best because they love teaching.
Because they love teaching, they put all their wishes on making sure the students have the information.
That's some reason why my school has the best teachers.
9 th grade Matthew lobydo (Our)
Where do you want to live when you grow up? I would like to stay in Morristown, New Jersey as there are a lot of great places to shop and eat.
The town of Morris is not far from where I live, so I can visit my family a lot.
I have been to Morristown many times and I like it very much.
In addition, in the winter near Christmas, there is a beautiful park with ice sculptures.
When I grow up, I want to live in a beach house near the Seaside Heights or the lawaite Boardwalk in New Jersey.
I want to stay at their home because I want to stay near the beach and boardwalk.
I like to play games, hang out on the beach, go into the water, and sometimes go to the fire station.
Zak bergmann, level 4, karfeng School, Alaska, was cold for a while but slightly warmer.
I like the cold so I think it's a good place for me.
When I grow up, I want to live in Maine, USA. S. A.
I want to live in Maine because I went there during the summer vacation and it was really cool there.
When I grow up, I would love to live where I live now.
It's in kaofeng.
I went to a great school and I think my kids will be happy here.
I will live near my parents if they do not move.
Also, I basically know everyone in kaofeng because it's too small.
I want to live in kaofeng when I grow up.
I want to live in the largest penthouse in New York City.
Eden Patrick.
I want to live in some different places.
One of the places I want to live in is the desert island Mountain in Maine (
Southwest Port).
I want to stay there because I love hiking and biking while picking the best blueberries and enjoying the beauty of the ocean!
The food there was also good.
I went to Maine with my family and camped out in yurt and we did all the fun activities. (
If you want to know what this is, you should check out the Arcadia yurt. )
We also get pies from Miss pie every night.
It's really fun to be there, that's why I want to live there when I grow up! :)
I want to live in Texas because most of my family lives there.
I also like the hot weather.
It would be fun to stay in the pool all day.
I would love to live in Florida with hats and humidity.
I can swim a lot. I like swimming.
I will be near Disney World so I can ride my bike and have a lot of fun.
This is where I want to live when I grow up.
When I grow up, I want to live in Boston and be the starting goalkeeper for the Boston Bruins, a major league hockey team.
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