national teacher day 2016: 20 things you can only understand if you’ve been a teacher - interactiv

national teacher day 2016: 20 things you can only understand if you’ve been a teacher - interactive whiteboard uk

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-20
national teacher day 2016: 20 things you can only understand if you’ve been a teacher  -  interactive whiteboard uk
As society celebrates you for the difference in your children's lives, it's a pleasure to get some recognition and it's a very hard job.
But you know, there's a lot of this character that people who have never been to chalkface don't realize.
Students who like it (
We're sorry.
Avoid horrible cover lessons until the art of a good seating plan and the joy of DVD lessons, the life of the teacher is very complicated.
Because teachers can nod their heads about what they recognize about their work, those who have never worked in school will find the secrets of the staff room in these 20 things that only educators understand. 1. The colour co-
Coordinate marking.
Oh, this is not a good batch of homework.
Now, where did I put my red blood pen.
The child you were in love
I'm sorry, the teachers have their favorite.
So they also have what they dislike the most. 5.
Colleagues who left the staff room at lunch time "arrange the fourth issue" ten minutes in advance ".
You won't make me feel guilty about squeezing another glass of wine. 6.
Exam invigilation.
If you don't play games with your co-workers, such as running a race in the aisle, or see who can get most of the students to raise their heads, you don't take advantage of this period of work effectively. 8.
Reminding kids in class who have homework is equally irritating to us.
There's a reason we forgot.
Mainly because we remembered thatit's double Corrie tonight and we didn't mark the window. 10.
Comparison with brothers and sisters
Any teacher who protested against our failure to do so is a liar.
It's standard to browse the class list and look for surnames that ring the alarmday-back practice. 12.
Constructive Feedback
It is difficult to criticize the sandwiches.
"You have a good sense of humor, Jack.
It is wrong to throw stones at young Anne.
But at least you have a good goal. ’14. DVD lessons.
Oh, thanks to the probation given by the department head in the study plan.
The light is out, the movie is on (
Please don't be black and white, they hate it)
I went to Twitter.
If the movie is played from my laptop, I have to remember not to show my Twitter feed on the interactive whiteboard this time. . . 16.
The panic of the teaching assistant being taken elsewhere.
You mean I have to interact with naughty tables today! 18.
That's right. we work in silence.
In hindsight, this is not the best move, because for fairness, you now have to react every time you make a slight noise. 20.
Knowing your pride in making a difference, building a productive relationship with the class, you get really excited when your class really laughs at your jokes.
Teaching is probably the best.
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