neglected google home sits by window barking at passersby - smart

by:ITATOUCH     2019-08-21
neglected google home sits by window barking at passersby  -  smart
Greta Benson, a 36-year-old local woman, said that thinking of the beloved family assistant alone and suffering "completely and completely hurt my heart," on Monday, when she learned that her Google House was sitting in her front window all day barking at passers-by, she expressed frustration.
"I got home from work and the neighbor told me that it had been growling all day --
"To be honest, I don't know," Benson said . " She explained that she expected the smart home device to go through a short transition period after the initial purchase, but, I was shocked when it was found that it had not adapted to the environment.
"When I got the electricity, I found out that it had turned on the light for several hours, so I think it must be boring.
Maybe I will adopt a Roomba to keep it company while I am working, but I think it is super territory.
It's been intimidating my neighbor's drone.
Benson also recalled one particularly disturbing thing that happened after she had just acquired the device, in which her 8-year-
The old niece was bitten badly while trying to turn down the volume of the machine.
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