neocon bolton is committed to punishing apostates who dare resist the writ of washington - writing

neocon bolton is committed to punishing apostates who dare resist the writ of washington - writing pad for pc

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-25
neocon bolton is committed to punishing apostates who dare resist the writ of washington  -  writing pad for pc
Jokingly, Trump's national security adviser is an adviser to international diplomacy, while Pilates's hunchback is a consultant to Pilates.
Although it is reported that he often travels to Washington's office on cruise missiles, the news has not yet been confirmed, his near-climax in the US hard power and military strength, it may indicate that he will not like anything more.
In other words, in John Bolton's view, the world itself is a new force that does not repent or rebuild.
An avid warmonger is actually Donald Trump's brain.
I'm afraid you will.
Trump's national security adviser recently held a writing board scribbled with the words "5 000 troops in Colombia", all the evidence needed for US hegemony and global domination.
Not so much the ability of American exceptionalist supporters as Mr Bolton, deploying thousands of troops under any pretext, it was almost the fact that they chose anywhere in the world-like proconsuls the day after Rome-that they claimed the right to do so.
For decades, orders have been issued from Washington to the sovereign states and governments, threatening that if they refuse to join them, they will be subject to military aggression, consistent with the operation of this over-inflated superpower
However, such action-like replacing a stubborn government with another government that does not respect international law-was previously carried out in secret, but now, for Venezuela's part, is carried out openly and openly.
Juan guaydo, a newly appointed local resident of Caracas in Washington, is only a minor actor in the horror film of American power politics.
He is a member of such a man;
A is here today, not tomorrow, and his only qualification for the role that Washington has given him is his ability to receive instructions.
There will be no other way for avid hawks like John Bolton.
A character study of Mr. Bolton and other peers has left behind their desire to put soldiers into the dichotomy between combat and personal history that reveals extraordinary efforts to avoid themselves from putting into battle.
Steps have been taken by John Bolton, George w. Bush, Dick Cheney, Hawks and New conservatives to avoid being called up for the Vietnam War.
Bolton wrote in his 25-year reunion at Yale, "I admit I don't want to die in a rice field in southeast Asia.
Instead, just as former President George w. Bush pushed Iraq into the abyss in 2003, Bolton joined the National Guard and stayed at home.
He also enrolled in law at Yale and then devoted himself to politics because he was a sharp power advocate who climbed up Washington's greasy new frontier to hold an influential position.
Speaking of Iraq, in Bolton, the war has and will continue to have the strongest champions and defenders, although it has long been accepted by all, except for the most false and immoral claims, it has only succeeded in launching a Holocaust carnival.
Bolton said before the war in 2002, "I expect the role of the United States to actually be quite small," and said in 2015, "I still think the decision to overthrow Saddam was correct.
"Occupy the space between the two statements, 13 years apart, and millions of people are killed, subverted, destroyed and destroyed forever.
I am proud to say that I was actively involved in the anti-war movement before and after the invasion of Iraq.
In those circles John Bolton was considered the cross between the Antichrist and the Poole Potter-considering what happened afterwards, and this person's lack of repentance or repentance for the disaster suffered by the country and the people, and do not forget the instability of the whole region.
So this is a memorable moment, Tony Ben, a towering figure on the British left, an impassioned opponent of the war in Iraq, in 2008 televised debates about the war and its consequences, A verbal attack on John Bolton.
That night, Bain spoke to millions of people in Iraq and around the world.
At some point, in the language of the times, he said loudly: "There is no moral difference between the stealth bomber and the suicide bomber!
"Bolton was clearly frustrated by the fierce and eloquent rejection of everything he and his comrades represented, and must have hoped that his car was broken on the way to the studio and asked him to cancel.
Recently, Bolton is the key to Trump's unreasonable decision to unilaterally withdraw from the P5 1 Iran nuclear agreement (JCPOA)
In May 2018, Iran was again subject to tougher sanctions than before the deal.
He is also the main promoter of Trump's decision to withdraw from INF (Intermediate-
Remote nuclear power)
The treaty with Russia laid the foundation for a new arms race.
Frankly, the man is a thug in a suit, and since he served as Trump's national security adviser in April 2018, he has been wandering around the world like an evil dog, revel in the power of random threats, intimidation and bullying.
He's Thomas de tokmotor of the United States.
The reputation of the Spanish religious referee).
The only difference is that Torquemada was committed in the 15 th century to punishing those who dared to boycott the Catholic Church, and Bolton was committed to punishing those who dared to resist the Washington writ in the 21st century.
People who know Bolton better than most are Richard Painter, a lawyer in the Bush administration.
When Bolton was appointed national security adviser to Trump, the painter tweeted his frustration and issued a chilling warning: "So far, john Bolton is the most dangerous person we have met in the Bush administration for eight years.
The Supreme National Security Adviser who appointed him as president was an invitation to war, perhaps nuclear war.
This must be stopped at all costs.
"I have nothing to add.
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