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new at hunterdon schools: spanish, chromebooks and more - what is a smart board

by:ITATOUCH     2020-02-28
new at hunterdon schools: spanish, chromebooks and more  -  what is a smart board
Some students have already taken the first day of class, while others start on Thursday, where there are more new things in the Hunterton County School District. Flemington-
This year, the region has expanded its world language program, which means every student in K-grade
4 will learn Spanish taught by certified world language teachers, replacing outdated audio programs.
Students will explore the basics of Spanish with a focus on speaking and listening, and through oral activities, music, games and hands-on activities, the students will explore the language as part of the relevant arts program.
The area has also revised the technical literacy program for students in grade K.
With K-grade students
2 studying in the computer lab, while students in grades 3 and 4 will receive guidance from integrated technology teachers in their classroom environment.
The goal is to make our students "forever --
They will experience evolving technologies in the future.
The primary computer and information literacy program will introduce students to the tools they will use to improve their productivity and promote their educational development.
In addition, on Monday, the school board appointed Bettyann Monteleone as the new assistant director of special services.
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Five students received a class of five iPads, and middle school students also started the 1:1 plan for the ipad.
This Apple conversion also comes with teacher professional development training on "how to convert the PC World to the Mac world" where secondary school teachers are being trained on specific programs to increase the number of teachers-
Students enter and leave the classroom without paper.
Even before they get the iPad, middle school students and teachers will be trained through the iPad boot camp.
The area has also updated the student information system, all of which have been completed in collaboration with Delaware Valley High School, with a total of a director and business administrator.
Projects close to completion include new roofs, windows and bathrooms.
The number of students in the Hampton Borough School District has increased, entirely due to the small number of students enrolled, and Hampton public schools have 122 students this yearK-
8, including 30 children in two parts
Time and day beforeschool.
Another new initiative in the area is its Chromebook program, where students in secondary schools are 1:1 to equipment, smart boards for all classrooms, and new wireless infrastructure for the entire building.
MORE: High School New Bridge area 20-
Minutes at the end of each day learn skills, Chromebooks for scientific and social studies and a new in-house sound system
The primary school welcomes the new day Guardian, Ronny Marinelli, and is pleased to introduce new reading intervention programs and new Chromebooks for the second grade.
In addition, Dr. superintendentGregory A.
Hobagh was appointed as the new primary school principal, and Rich Kolton was the new secondary school principal.
The new Accounts payable and bills are Rebecca Philip, the new interim business administrator is Joseph Benino, and Carla latoré is hired to teach Spanish K-8.
The area has also installed a new alternative call system on two buildings source 4 teachmaintain maintain with all employees involved in security-Schools on-line training.
Don't see the first part of your school district review list here.
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