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new david hockney paintings made on ipad - digital art tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-15
new david hockney paintings made on ipad  -  digital art tablet
David Hockney, Britain's most famous living artist, happily squatted on the iPad, once again pioneering innovation in the art world, turning the index finger into a brush, creating a vibrant landscape
"This is a very new medium," hockeni said . "
In fact, he was so new that he didn't know what he was creating until he started printing his digital images a few years ago.
"Actually, I was very surprised at them," he said with a smile . ".
"I was surprised.
"A new exhibition of hockeni's work, including about 150 iPad pictures, opened on Saturday at the Deyang Museum in Golden Gate Park, for Silicon Valley technicians who created hardware and software for the 21st century, it's just a short trip.
The century of finger remodelingpainting.
The exhibition was promoted as the largest exhibition ever in the history of the museum, on the two floors of de Young, showing the survey of works from 1999 to the present, mainly the landscape and portraits in a series of media: watercolor painting, charcoal, even video.
But on the latest preview, iPad products are especially 12-
At the foot of Yosemite National Park, you can enjoy breathtaking breathless views.
Famous photographers such as Ansel Adams and Thomas Hill and Albert bilstadt have taken images of hockeni's iPad about Yosemite rocks, rivers and trees, these photos
In an open landscape, a Bush, bright green pine trees sparkled in the sun, supported by Bridalveil in autumn, tumbling down gently from the edge of the cliff;
The obvious semi-dome granite roof is faintly visible in the background.
In another place, the fog covered up the giant sequoia.
"He has such control over space, atmosphere and light," said Colin Bailey, curator of the Museum of Fine Arts . ".
Other iPad images are overwritten so that viewers can see them as they are drawn, which is the beginning of an animation --to-
End time cycle.
He deals with face, flowers and daily supplies: feet, scissors, electric plugs.
Some drawings of the IPad are displayed on the digital screen, and others, such as Yosemite's work, are printed on six large panels.
Hockey's technical assistant used a lot of spray painting to reproduce the images he created on the IPad.
Art historians say that displaying the iPad images of famous artists in an important museum has given the media a boost to help digital art gain legitimacy in the infamous snobbish art world, in which, there are very few art exhibitions on computer tablets, and the price is usually lower than comparable watercolor paintings or oil paintings.
Maureen Nappi, an art historian at Long Island University, said: "I appreciate him doing this because it opens up people's thinking about technology in a new way . ", Although she described hawkney's iPad as a "gimmick ".
"In this month's MIT magazine Leonardo, a historic shift in painting from prehistoric cave paintings to digital tablets was written," MS Nappi said, although the work of the iPad is still the physics of painting and painting has been going on for thousands of years.
"These gestures are as old as humans," she said in an interview . ".
"Back to cave paintings, they express creative expressions with finger movements.
"About five years ago, 76-year-old hockeni began painting on the iPhone with his thumb, and at one time, he was emailed to dozens of friends to shoot his work.
"The people in the village came over to tease me and said, 'We heard that you have already started using the phone.
He said: "I told them, 'Well, no, actually, just occasionally I will speak on my sketchbook. '".
When the iPad was announced, hawkney said he immediately shipped the iPad to his home in London, where he parted ways with Los Angeles.
He created his work with an application developed by former Apple software engineer Steve springs.
"Brushes" called "brushes", along with dozens of other programs, such as touch sketches, sketchbooks and bamboo paper, are being snapped up by artists, illustrator and graphic designers.
Together, the artists developed new finger and stylus techniques, and hawkney's pioneering work provided innovative approaches.
David Hockney is one of the masters of contemporary oil painting,600-year-
The old technology, therefore, is well prepared to think long and hard about the advantages of painting with digital devices like the iPad, "Kevin ha, art historian at Binghamton University, New York
About 25 years ago, with the popularity of the Internet, the art world began a "digital turn," he said. Today, most artists are creating art, has adapted in some way to the use of a device.
Around 100, he said, with the dawn of photography, similar shifts took place, when innovations such as small photo cards and stereoscopic mirrors captured the imagination of the art world.
Mr. Hatcher said there were some shortcomings in turning to the art of tablets.
"Some almost magical quality of the oil painting, a tactile, tangible substance, when a painting becomes a code, a set of invisible 1 and 0, he will say it.
Hockeni created 78 of nearly 400 pieces on de Young show this year, and he will not give up painting, video or tablet soon.
When asked what he thought of the art world, he shrugged his shoulders and paused.
"I don't know where it's going, really, who it is? " he said.
"But there will be art.
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