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new digital library featured at sudbury-area school - collaboration table

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-23
new digital library featured at sudbury-area school  -  collaboration table
If you have a memory of the school library, they may calm you down or stamp the small card in the book when you take it out.
Nowadays, the library is very different. a school in Sudbury is trying to meet the digital revolution.
Recently, University of Notre Dame
Sir Mersey of Coniston has recently opened a new library.
"This is the old one to meet the new one," said principal Yves varancott . ".
The Sudbury library invited plush animals to a poverty-stricken poetry project, causing a stir in the heart of Sudbury. The Sudbury Library welcomes "Netflix books," vaillanccourt said.
"But we also have more new things that focus on technology," he said . "
"We have a co-op table where children can connect their ipad to the screen so that everyone can view the work of another student.
Vaillancourt says it is important for students to embrace technology and social media.
"We also want them to keep their love for reading," he said . ".
"If they read traditional books, or read electronic books,
At least they can do so according to their choice.
"The library provides a different space for teaching courses, he said, and students can use it for research projects, and guests can also speak in the library.
Audit Committee. The sexual abuse of Catholic Nouvelon by these committees, said that it hasbuilt like 21 libraries and schools will add a list of two schools to get the new library next year.
Vaillancourt said he was pleased that all the schools on the board would soon have a library similar to his school.
"It's great to have a space like this that makes the children proud of their library," he said . ".
"It is a pleasure to have it.
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