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new digital pen to speed up compiling of mark sheets - digital pen and pad

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-24
new digital pen to speed up compiling of mark sheets  -  digital pen and pad
The manufacturer claims that digital pens that transcribe data on the front page of the answer sheet can minimize human errors and speed up the process of writing a marker sheet. Device Settings-
Digital pen used with tablet
The Orion Indian system Pvt has developed the name "Orion licr ". Ltd.
A wholly owned subsidiary of Orion systems integrator
New Jersey with offices in Kochi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.
After evaluating the answer sheet, before these answer sheets are summarized, the digital pen can be used to transcribe the scores of each question on the home page.
When the pen is used to write the marker, the data is transmitted to the tablet in real time via Bluetooth.
"By eliminating manual data input, the solution speeds up the digitization process and minimizes human error," T.
Well-known officer Thomas-
Tell IANS based on Orion.
He said that the assigned mark can be seen on the tablet
Handwritten form and digital format of pen used.
Faucet on the check-
The box on the tab ensures that the correct markup is captured.
The data is then instantly transferred to the centralized server, thus speeding up the release of the tag sheet.
According to Thomas, universities and schools that manually enter the markers into the computer will benefit from the device. This patent-
Pending products won the National Innovation Award for testing and evaluation tool category in 2014 in e-commerce
The Indian Innovation Award was recently held in the capital.
Thomas told IANS that many universities, including the University of San Xiong Gandhi Kerala, are seriously considering using this digital pen.
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