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new trend: best pixel print homeware - graphic art tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-20
new trend: best pixel print homeware  -  graphic art tablet
Model-born furniture designer Cristian Zuzunaga launched a series of new BD Barcelona design cabinets during the Milan Design Week.
Inspired by a dream, this work is an extension of his Pixel series and graphic art style.
BD uses manual craftsmanship instead of mass production, which means that new products are closer to art than industrial design (
3,499, Pastor. co. uk).
Zuzunaga Fire cushions purchased £ 65 from amara for a more affordable collection. com.
Missoni's Lobos pixel mat was reduced from £ 116 to £ 58 during treatment. co. uk.
The designers association designed a bright purple velvet cushion with pixelated ink splashes (
£ 60 designer Associationcom).
The pixel carpet of BoConcept will add a little more vitality to the floor (£ 299, boconcept. com)
Or splash out on the Brink & Campman Kidari carpet (£809, amara. com).
Habitat Pixelate patterned jacquard duvet (£85, habitat. co. uk)
Give the bed an instant color correction.
The price of each matching pillowcase is 18.
Osborne and little's "Butterfly House" print provide an amazing factor for the walls of large mosaic butterflies with pixelated (
Wallpaperdirect, £ 55 per volume. co. uk).
Or, the "pot Pourri" wallpaper is beautiful (£55, johnlewis. com).
Involving the transformation of the picturesque heart Cup (5, Olivier Bonascom)
Or print the Minnie Mouse pixel frame of Graham & Brown (
£ 30, houseoffraser. co. uk)
It can be woven in appearance.
Or take a look at art's pixel print series about art. co.
UK, starting at £ 31. 99.
Sunset pixels thrown by Dwell (£39, dwell. co. uk)
Picnics or bringing some color to the sofa can come in handy.
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