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new year's resolutions and the three r's of resolve - tablets you can draw on

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-11
new year\'s resolutions and the three r\'s of resolve  -  tablets you can draw on
I have never managed to maintain my New Year's resolution for more than a few weeks.
I know I'm not alone
But this time, I found some new insights, which caused me to think further.
This article is to help me understand them.
I hope you can benefit from listening.
This year, my coming spiritual practice is to read Jamie howissong's thoughts in music (
2012) Cascade Books.
Howard Johnson is a holy Guild pastor in Winnipeg whose beliefs and lives are deeply influenced by jazz experience.
We don't know each other. yet! )
I think he's a soul friend.
This book explores how John Cortland's music expresses his religious beliefs, as Howson explains.
This is a provocative reading.
This is the facebook page for the book, so you can focus on his ongoing thinking about jazz and theology.
In the late 1950 s and early 1960 s, Ke Chuan experienced a period of change in his life.
He was addicted to heroin and alcohol most of the time.
He went in and out of all kinds of bands.
His relationship with women is varied.
As Cortland himself described, the time was full of "instability ".
Hossen believes that Kechuan is silent when talking about the inner drive of this shift, probably because he has no language.
He made it clearer in his music.
Through his music, he finally found some words that could suggest what he did to God and how grateful he was to him.
In the presence of God, with the support of God, he has a clearer vision of what he can be.
He has never been perfectly aware of this vision, but this way keeps attracting him the possibility of moving forward.
The music that expresses this most powerfully is on his album Love first, and the same words are in the liner notes for that album.
I agree with Howson that this is "one of the most unapologetic recordings of theological jazz ever.
"When I heard this masterpiece again, and read Howson's reflection on it, I thought of the three Rs-rationality, resilience, and results-that are essential to a determined life.
These are all related to a way of being in the world that makes a useful contribution to the well-being of all creation.
The heart of my heart's determination is the energy of love, which is hidden under any of our specific actions. In the Judeo-
The Christian tradition has a core affirmation that this love comes from God and is firm and eternal and not influenced by time or the environment.
This is a reliable source of treatment and hope that anyone can take advantage of it at any time.
There are some key issues to consider here, as you surround your existence creation and improvisation with clear determination in the coming year.
What is the reason for your existence?
This has to do with the sense of purpose in your life.
In a culture of self-destruction
Indulgence, to form a purpose, literally, is life --saving.
It's kind of like a musician creating a melody line.
This is an example.
The reason I do this is to "breathe life into your atmosphere ".
"Atmosphere means value (discover them), Intentions (choose them), Barriers (transcend them)
And execution (Contribute them).
This is my melody line of 2017.
It is for this reason that I am determined to thrive.
How do you build your dreams in existence?
It is not easy to be determined to live a purposeful life.
Once you form your sense of purpose and begin to improvise around it, you will find that all sorts of things are holding you back.
Building resilience in your determination is essential.
The American Psychological Association has developed a special guiding method.
I will summarize in three words the 10 ways they build resilience-contact, positive, and purpose.
I suggest you develop some simple rituals that bring your attention back to your determination in times of pain and loss of direction.
For example, I took a few deep breaths. in the process, I sang "grace and gratitude" silently ".
What is the result of your existence?
At Brentwood Presbyterian Church in Bennabi, where I served as a priest, we started a tradition last Thanksgiving, using "grateful jars" as a spiritual discipline.
Everyone will put a note in a little Mason jar on a regular basis to tell us a result that we are grateful.
We review notes from time to time, share some with other members of the congregation, and continue to observe discipline.
This is an easy way to track the results of the solution.
Ask these three questions together at least once a week, maybe on the Sunday night you're ready to sleep.
Give them some consideration when you fall asleep.
This will make all 3 Rs-
The reason for your existence, the elasticity of your existence, and the result of your existence --
When you are fully rested, go and create their wonders.
Pay attention to any insights that come up when you wake up on Monday morning and start the new week.
Then try actions that align with those insights.
Know that in 2017 you can use God's unwavering and eternal love to guide and strengthen your determination.
Brian Fraseris is the chief provoc of Jazzthink and the pastor of the Brentwood Presbyterian Church in Bennabi, BC.
He's mainly not-for-
The profitability and the board held Cool Conversations for smarter leaders.
You can find more onlinejazzthink. comandwww. brentwoodpc. ca.
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