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newark school program nourishes minds and bodies  -  smart board 8000
In the summer of 2009, Natasha Parry of Maple Avenue school was very concerned about the concept of nutrition and health ---
From the small farmer's market on campus to the development of core courses.
Over the past year, selected courses have included integrated science and mathematics courses to help students understand the mysteries of nutrition.
As a math/science primary school teacher at Newark Maple Avenue School, I have developed a growth thinking program designed to help students and their parents/guardians improve their understanding of nutrition and choose healthy food, healthy Cooking at home.
By participating in the program, it is hoped that the participation and interaction of parents in the school will also be increased.
The funds are provided by the cooperation and support of Slow Food in northern New Jersey and Newark Beth Israel Medical Center.
Due to the generous donation of 13 Earth boxes by Slow Food in northern New Jersey, the project will continue in 2010.
Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, under the leadership of the Doctor
John Brennan has shaped the mission of the project to develop a foundation for learning about healthy living and nutrition communication between families through the nutrition and health of families who grow vegetables at home.
Dr. superintendentClifford B.
Janey supports the project, which started in June and will end in October, aiming to maintain a healthy life and eliminate obesity in children.
In order to participate, parents are asked to grow and take care of vegetables with their families.
In addition, parents and students attend a workshop and get information packs and tutorial videos on how to use their earth box indoors or outdoors.
To get everyone started, Slow Food gave participants tomatoes and basil plants to grow in the earth box.
Newark Beth Israel has donated nutrition information and bags with first aid kits.
In addition, participants were required to complete the pre-and post-
The survey, a garden magazine about their experiences, also took part in the online community created for adoption of children --A-Box Program.
As another component of the program, Margaret Noon, head of the slow food program in northern New Jersey, brought fresh vegetables from the farm for students to eat during the workshop.
A student, a 10-year-old, fourth-
"I 've never had such sweet carrots before, and I can't wait to start growing tomatoes," says Grader.
In addition, she gave advice to parents and students on the best environment for growing tomatoes and basil.
Everyone appreciated the opportunity to grow their own food.
With information and their soil boxes, families have had great success growing tomatoes and basil in their backyard.
Some people are very successful, such as the Moore family, who have already harvested a tomato and even shared it with their neighbors.
"The tomatoes are juicy and delicious, but the best thing is to watch them grow up with their families," she said . "
Moore's daughter Mia is in kindergarten at Maple Avenue School.
Mia was very excited about growing her vegetables, and her mother recorded her song "We are growing". . . . . . we’re growing . . . . . .
I want some tomatoes. . . . . oh yeah.
They also grow lettuce and kale.
It was a great summer for the Moore family because they experienced the benefits of growing their own food.
Another bonus is that they save money at the grocery store and the activities of growing their own food bring family and neighbors together.
The Moore family said they hope to participate in the project next year and advised others to do so.
The successful project of Maple Avenue School was born in March 26, 2010. "Eat, grow and walk "!
Nutrition activities.
The goal of the project is to spread news throughout schools and communities about healthier choices and ways to achieve them.
Students, employees, parents and the community learned a lot on that day.
Participants in the event are divided into three groups--
Eat station, plant station, walk station.
At the food station, the Slow Food farm in northern New Jersey has the Plaid Piper farm, and Starbrite has donated fresh organic carrots, radishes and potatoes for the event.
Many students have never eaten radish.
1 out of 3 said: "I have never eaten radish, what are they ? "grader.
The students were happy to eat fresh food because they were all surprised that the students liked the food, including raw radishes dipped in vegetables.
Teishawanna Hughes, a parent, said, "I don't know if radishes can be eaten raw.
"In addition to raw vegetables, students from Newark Vocational High School have prepared a delicious wheat penne pasta with fresh peppers and garlic sauce, and a garden salad and a copy.
This dish is a new and healthier option for many people.
"I feel like a member of the royal family.
Star restaurant . "
Hughes, parents.
The planting station is run by John, a farmer at Starbrite, who teaches students how to grow their own potatoes in barrels.
It is a cheap and realistic option, he explained.
The students learned more than 8,000 kinds of potatoes and how to grow them themselves.
In addition to the guidance, farmer John generously gave the school buckets, soil and fertilizer that could be used to do it himself.
"I want to be a farmer when I grow up," said one second --
Grade students after the presentation.
Another element of the planting station is the soil box.
In this section, a keynote speaker tells the students how the Earth box works.
Take lettuce and radish for example.
The students also learned about the capillary action of the plant and the self of the boxWatering system.
The grid Piper farm, while allowing students to touch the chicken, provides information on the life cycle of the chicken.
The last stop is called go to 21-
Century crossing the park using the Wii Fit system.
There is a dangerous game about nutrition.
Allied Health from Weequahic High School provides blood pressure screening and tracks vital statistics for adults.
The school also provided packaging books on health and nutrition with a letter from Director Janey to the family.
There is a children's health station designed to teach students how to stay healthy and provide information in a healthy life.
The parents of Maple Avenue are enthusiastic about the opportunity to participate in the Kidsfit project, which was previously implemented in the hospital complex.
Kidsfit, a comprehensive fitness program designed to help children maintain a nutritious diet, is a measurable teaching tool that will be linked to science, sports and health courses at public schools in Newark.
The host of Kidsfit includes Dr.
Saint ando Anyaoku, director of pediatrics at the Children's Hospital, affiliated body of the health care system in San banabas. When Dr.
Anyaoku came to the children's hospital and she said she realized that she was providing medical care for many young children who were already on the path to childhood obesity.
Children are also beginning to show symptoms of medical problems, such as diabetes in children, which is not only related to malnutrition, but also to overeating.
With the support of the Medical chairman, under the leadership of the Doctor
Rosenblatt, the team started creating a project to address obesity in a multi-disciplinary approach involving the community-
Parents and children-at the same time put participants on the path of health and good health.
Looking ahead, the 2010 Kidsfit project will be launched in October.
The school will equip its employees with a nutritionist during the school year to help students, parents and employees understand nutrition and healthier lifestyle choices.
The program is expected to cover 553 students at Maple Avenue School, from pre-school gradeK to eighth.
"I 've heard a lot about this project and I can't wait to get it started," said lead Ana Ward, parent of the third project. grader.
"My family will learn how to eat healthier and become active.
"In addition to the Kidsfit program, Slow Food in northern New Jersey will be 2010-
2011 school year, including field trips to the farm.
This field visit is particularly valuable for past student participants, and what they will be able to learn from the 2009 year of growing food --
2010 School, practice on farm.
Students will also create raised beds of herbs, fruits and vegetables at the side door of Maple Avenue School.
As the school year progresses, organizers and sponsors hope that these programs will ensure the healthy success and academic achievement of public schools in Newark while nourishing the body and mind.
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