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newark taxis on the road to an upgrade - interactive screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-06-30
newark taxis on the road to an upgrade  -  interactive screen
According to a plan that will soon be possible to pay for a taxi in Newark with plastic, the plan will bring the city's 1,200 yellow and livery taxis into the 21 st century.
The program requires units similar to New York City for Newark taxis, allowing customers to pay with credit cards and display GPS-
Maps based on taxi location, as well as programming and advertising.
"The taxi driver is the ambassador of the city.
"They were the first to meet people getting off the plane or coming out of the train station," Sgt said . ".
Hector colchado, head of Newark taxi Department
"The ultimate goal is to satisfy our customers and we have to do this through specialized services.
"The commission also wants to provide a uniform graphic design for the city's mixed yellow taxi, and by 2012 it wants most of its fleet to be made up of fuel --
High-Efficiency Hybrid vehicles
The renovation also includes ensuring that drivers are insured.
Corchado said hundreds of people had previously expired driving insurance because no one had checked.
"There is a lack of accountability," Corchado said . ".
A representative from New York City Creative mobile technology, which installed credit card and GPS technology on about 5,000 New York City taxis, recently introduced to taxi commissioners, taxis and fleet owners.
Jesse Davis, president of the company, lists a range of benefits, including the ability of fleet owners to keep track of taxi locations at any time, and the ability to communicate with drivers via text messages.
This allows car owners or taxi departments to send traffic alerts or fare opportunities and makes it easier to retrieve lost items.
Drivers benefit from credit card capabilities by getting better tips and carrying less cash, Davis said.
In New York City, the company works with Clear Channel and NBC to provide programs and advertisements through interactive screens, and to provide maps used by rear-seat passengers.
"At the right time, this is the right solution.
"Newark is going through a renaissance," Davis said . ".
On 2004, The New York City Taxi and Limousine board asked the yellow taxi there to accept credit cards and add other techniques in exchange for an increase in fares.
Since then, taxi drivers there have complained about the cost of installing the system.
Nearly 80% of taxis in New York City now accept credit cards, and about 13% of taxi fees are paid by credit card.
Newark taxi and uniformed drivers are cautiously optimistic about the changes.
Outside the town hall on Green Street, they checked a taxi with innovative mobile technology.
During the demo, meteorologist Al Roker greeted the passengers, and then with the weather and scrolling infobars, the scores of the previous nights of the Yankee and Metropolitan games suddenly appeared on the screen.
"It will be a huge change in Newark," said Edward Selas, owner of Green Taxi, which has at least 50 cars in the company's fleet.
"We don't have a lot of people carrying credit cards where we work, but I know the technology is coming, so we have to make adjustments.
Ary Olivier, chairman of the Newark Taxi Association, who also owns his own taxi, said Newark taxis need to be updated, but expressed concern about the cost.
"Who is responsible for installing this and who is responsible for repairing this equipment," he asked . ".
Jason polliner, chief operating officer of creative mobile technology, said that it is better to accept the advantages of increased credit card revenue and better record
The hold and hold panic button can help the owner
Operator, he said.
With a classic limousine, El Mer Valencia and Veronica Solano are Newark's largest limousine service with 155 cars.
Valencia said that before the commission announced its plan, he had asked for advice on the cost of installing the creative mobile technology system on all his taxis, which was for safety and convenience.
One of the classic drivers at 2006, 45-year-
The old angel Calva who was shot
In the past few years, drivers of five companies have been shot dead.
Between 1995 and 2006 Newark taxi drivers were shot dead.
"The main reason we want to do this is to protect our drivers," Valencia said . " He also wants to reduce the time it takes to accept credit cards and attract new passengers.
This is also something to be proud of, says Solano.
"With all the changes that have taken place in Newark, it's time for us to come forward --to-
"So is the date," she said.
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