news watch; drawing on the computer without dipping mouse in ink - digital drawing tablet with screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-19
news watch; drawing on the computer without dipping mouse in ink  -  digital drawing tablet with screen
Bruce hairmanov
2000 Picasso said he spent his whole life learning to draw like a child.
But then Picasso never used a computer mouse to create a web page.
KB Gear interactive focused on low
The pricing version of the MP3 player and camera has been released with Jam Studio, a $69 digital drawing tablet that simulates the feeling of painting with pen and ink.
Aspiring web designers can work in Jam Studio 5-by-
7 inch screen and watch the results appear on the computer screen connected to the device via the USS. B. port.
The screen is sensitive to pressure, so the harder the connected pen is pressed, the wider the line generated.
These images can be stored in various formats and can be used in Photoshop and many other graphics programs.
Pete Stodart, consumer marketing director at KB Gear Interactive, said Jam Studio is not dedicated to professional web designers, but to students and novices.
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"They can add their own artwork . "
Stoddart said, "or use digital photos with more personality and accuracy than with a mouse.
Jam Studio compatible with Macintosh (OS 8. 5 and later )
Windows 95, 98, and Millennium Edition come with software for drawing and creating simple animations.
AdvertisementKB Gear Interactive also released the website creation tool on www. jamonline. com.
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Draw on the computer without dipping the mouse in ink.
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