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nj's patrick mcdonnell on writing, drawing and tech - electronic drawing tablet

by:ITATOUCH     2020-04-29
nj\'s patrick mcdonnell on writing, drawing and tech  -  electronic drawing tablet
As a fan of concise and whimsical illustrations by Patrick McDonald, I am delighted to receive the "modern cave boy Tek "(
Brown and the company, $15. 99).
Children's books, like most people, are a neat study.
However, unlike most children's books, it is interesting, as with his other works.
It also managed to deliver a message: put the phone down and get involved in life!
The book is about a cave boy Tek who won't stop playing on his electronic devices.
"Tek is almost your typical troglodyte child," the hero said.
Yes, he did have a beard, but everything was a little hairy at that time.
Macdonald wrote at least thirty books.
He's not sure how much-
The most famous is his cartoon strip "variation" in its 22 years.
The 60-year-old Macdonald grew up in Edison and lived in matucson and Hoboken before settling in Princeton.
He spoke to the author of New Jersey about the topic of writing and instructions and what would happen in the edit version of that conversation.
How "variation" is produced, I have been doing magazine illustrations for about 10 years.
I want to strip.
I think the puppy has a good character.
I like painting them. I like dogs.
I lived in Hoboken at the time, but I wanted to move to the suburbs to have a dog.
I have a little Jack Russell named Earl because he looks like a dog I painted.
My mission on this street is that if I can capture some of his joy and energy, that's what I'm trying to do.
You are obviously an artist, but when do you realize that you can write because I like comics, which are the perfect combination of writing and painting.
Even when I was a kid, I made my own characters and told them to do small and interesting stories.
I always put the text together with the sketch.
Which book Can You reread, I am that, I have read it at least 12 times.
What is your work process like, I need a little more than a week to do three weeks of cartoon, when I do other projects, charity work, give me a week and a half of the holiday, picture books.
What are you writing "The Gift of Nothing" is my first picture book and we made a children's musical for the Kennedy Center in Washington.
Now I'm working on me ". . .
"Jane" is a musical at the Kennedy Center and if all goes well, I'm making a mutant movie for Fox Animation.
If this is a musical about your Jane Goodall book, are we talking about singing a chimpanzee?
We are now in the workshop phase.
I'm going to DC next week to start playing this game.
How did "Tek" come? I showed the book to the editor seven years ago.
When I came up with the book, I showed two or three ideas.
At that time, I also raised "I. . .
We all agree that this is the book.
Seven years ago, I thought
The kids are too attached to the device)
It's a hot topic.
I always go back to the previous ideas.
Today is more important, if any.
Edison Library, where did you buy your first library card?
I like the library.
There is a series of biographical books for children and I like to read stories about celebrities and their lives.
Everyone thinks he or she can write a children's book.
Do people think there is nothing easier than people think?
In the long run, it may be easier to write a very good novel than to write one.
Like poetry.
Less is more. write a good book of children. you should write it directly.
This requires some skill. Dr.
Suss is clearly a wizard who influences and Oz 'Frank L.
The BaumDoes Jersey definitely tells you the job.
I never say where they live, but it seems to me that they live in a romantic version of suburban New Jersey.
I also asked them to go to the Jersey coast every summer and I drew different characters.
I think all my characters live somewhere in New Jersey.
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