no-selfie zones declared in mumbai after deaths - smart board in india

by:ITATOUCH     2020-03-31
no-selfie zones declared in mumbai after deaths  -  smart board in india
Mumbai announces 16 No.
After several deaths in recent months, the Pat area has been linked to this trend.
Areas considered risky
Especially in coastal areas without railings and obstacles
Has been declared closed
The most populous city in India has restrictions on the public.
People who venture into the marking area are at risk of a fine of Rs 1,200 (£12. 60)-
Even if they don't take any pictures.
The city also plans to launch an awareness-raising campaign, which people have seen people clicking on despite signs.
"When you travel alone and no one takes a picture of you, it's just a selfie," Onestudent said . ".
India has seen 19 of 49 selfies
Related deaths worldwide since 2014.
But with more than a billion people and one of the world's fastest-growing smartphone markets, a psychologist says she expects the trend to not disappear soon in China.
"You know, during adolescence, people feel this way, especially when they need to be recognized by everyone, I'm a smart person and I'm a good person --
Find someone, "said KeertiSachdeva.
"So they are addicted to selfies in order to get recognition and recognition.
Earlier this month, a student drowned after falling into a reservoir.
With a classmate trying to save him.
On January, last month, a woman fell into the sea while taking pictures at Bandstand fort, a famous tourist attraction in Mumbai.
A survey was conducted to determine whether
The filming area after her death
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