not just mindlessly watching: childrens screen time is turning educational - art tablet with scree

'not just mindlessly watching': children's screen time is turning educational - art tablet with screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-13
\'not just mindlessly watching\': children\'s screen time is turning educational  -  art tablet with screen
Kryoka Kaldis noticed that she was criticized when people saw her son on the iPad.
Preston's mother of six. year-
As the device is no longer a passive "nanny" but an educational tool, parents need to change their perception of screen time, says old Angelo.
"We will get expressions from parents or other people in the restaurant, but he is not just watching movies, he will also play maze games or do puzzles," she said . ".
"It's frustrating that people are picky and they make judgments.
"With the popularity of screens in Australian classrooms, parents of preschool children are increasingly using educational technology, and learning applications and online projects such as ABC's reading eggs and home Shichida are becoming more and more popular.
Jess Sergeant, who manages Shichida Chadstone's early learning center, said negative emotions around the screen left parents confused about what they should do.
"This is inevitable now.
Kids have laptops and tablets right in primary school-you need to know how to use it in the right way.
"It's not saying 'This is your iPad, go play with it while I'm cooking, 'but use it more like a book, for example, asking questions and getting feedback.
"Yes, it's a gadget, but if you're sitting with your kids and they use it, it's very beneficial for education.
"In addition to the presence of parents and participation in screen time, Sergeant MS said there are other effective creative devices --
The related idea is to go out and take a photo or use the drawing app to record what the kids see.
When sitting in the same place watching TV shows, parents should pause the program from time to discuss what is happening and ask questions to their children.
"Children want to learn in these early days.
"They want to be stimulated through puzzles, games and discussions," MS the sergeant said . ".
"People need to be more aware [children]
It may be on the iPad, but they don't just look casually.
"The screen time guide for the parenting network also recommends adults to watch or play together to help children understand what they see.
The guide says the benefits of screen time include learning new skills and increasing problems
The ability to solve problems gives children new ideas for traditional games.
However, this does not mean that children should use the screen for several hours at a time.
No more than one hour per day is a recommendation for children between the ages of 2 and 5, and they should not have screen time until 18 months later.
The 2017 Royal Children's Hospital children's health survey found that,
Third preschool child
Children in grade three have their own tablets or smartphones.
Opinion polls director Dr. Ansiya Rhodes said that every member of the family must develop a healthy habit through the screen.
"When it comes to screen time, what you do also affects how your child behaves on the screen," she said . ".
Kaldis MS said that she likes to play a positive role in Angelo's screen time: talking about what he sees, raising his head when he has a problem and using his toy
She will also open up discussions about critical thinking and use the internet wisely thanks to screen time. "It's eye-opening.
He's just a sponge. it's amazing.
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