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note to hollywood: young women go to the movies more than men - draw on screen

by:ITATOUCH     2020-05-01
note to hollywood: young women go to the movies more than men  -  draw on screen
Hollywood has produced superhero films dominated by male characters, but winning the favor of young women may be the key to box office success. U. S.
Female audiences aged 15 to 24 enrolled 2 million people per week, compared with 1.
According to a study by Webedia Movies Pro and Vertigo research, the proportion of male peers was 7 million.
The report found that film lovers over the age of 50 are also a strong team at the box office, although blockbusters are usually aimed at young people.
Marine sutttle, chief product officer at Webedia, said the results show that Hollywood can generate more revenue by better serving these groups.
Walt Disney: progress has been made in the industry.
This year Captain Marvel and Dark Phoenix put the heroine at the center of the superhero story.
But men still play a disproportional role in speaking.
"The diversity of actors will bring diversity to the auditorium," sutttle said in an interview . ".
Of the top 30 films surveyed in March to February 2018, 30% of the actors were women.
But films with a higher proportion of female characters attract more women to the cinema.
Women make up an average of 45% of most movies.
According to the study, similar associations were found in film audiences over the age of 50.
Nevertheless, it is difficult to identify trends, as this is the first year for researchers to conduct this study.
The Book Club, starring Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton last year, is an example of a successful excavation of older audiences.
According to the Box Office Mojo, it surpassed revenue expectations, attracting 80% of female audiences and 60% over the age of 50.
Groups like the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative have been tracking gender and racial diversity in Hollywood.
The team's latest research shows that the number of women on the screen has increased, with 40 of the 100 top films in 2018 featuring female protagonists or co-starslead.
There are only 11 female actors over the age of 45, but that number is more than double that of the previous year.
With the merger of film companies and the reduction in the number of potential film productions, the rest of the companies will need to make films that appeal to all audiences, sutttle said.
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